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We are an all volunteer rescue and we do not have any paid staff. We do not have a shelter as all of our dogs live in foster homes throughout the Valley, Flagstaff and Tucson. If you are interested in any of our fosters, please get in touch with their foster mom. We also have adoption events every weekend in the East and West Valley.

Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you haven't received a response in 48 hours, please feel free to email the website and/or call our hotline number. Thank you.

We only adopt to Arizona residents.

All dogs currently residing in your home must be fixed and up-to-date on all vaccines. AZCR will determine the best home for each dog based on the application process and interview. The application and/or interview does not guarantee an approval. It also does not guarantee the adoption of a particular dog you may be interested in. AZCR may recommend a different dog more suitable to your household. AZCR is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and standards.


Hello my name is Buddy. I am a 4 1/2 year old love bug. I enjoy cuddling and walks. I am good with other dogs. I do well in the car. I don’t know if I have met cats before. I just want to love you and lick you. I will let you know if I hear the doorbell ring. I am looking for my forever home, will it be with you? Contact my foster mom if you would like to meet me. I would love to meet you!

Please email Angela ( for information about Buddy.

Posted October 2018


My name is Charlie. My foster mom say’s I’m a sweet, awesome little guy with crazy long legs and the most beautiful brindle coat.

You might ask why I’m in foster case if I'm such a great guy. Well….I like playing with chickens. Okay, maybe not just playing with them. Nobody’s perfect. I do get along great with cats, kids and other small dogs. I startle easy, so maybe a quieter home with older kids.

I have a 5 pound foster sister that I like to play with. I play so gentle my foster mom doesn’t have to worry about me hurting her. I also love sleeping in bed at night. If that would work for you, it would definitely work for me.

I’m 1 year old and 11 pounds of sweetness!

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Charlie.

Posted July 2018


Hi! My name is Chloe. My foster mom says i’m sweet but exhausting. I would play fetch with my toys all day long if I could. I even return the toy. I know some big dogs who don’t even do that! I am 7lbs of energy but settle down at night in my crate to sleep. I don’t like to be held and can be really squirmy but that doesn’t mean I don’t want attention. I am not sure what housebroken means (honest, I haven’t broken anything) but my foster mom thinks that is what I am. I am new to the rescue though so I am still somewhat of an unknown. I was born 6/19/2016 and am spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. I would love a family who could play with me.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Chloe.

Posted July 2018


I’m an introverted home body with a sweet face and disposition and I’m seeking an introverted home body with a sweet disposition. It’s not required that you possess a sweet face. I would prefer a human partner, who enjoys the comfort of home, lounging on the couch and eating hotdogs and/or meatballs. Oh, disclaimer: must not mind sharing above-mentioned couch, hotdogs and/or meatballs.

I’m also a tremendous TV enthusiast and will enjoy watching whatever my human is watching. You won’t hear a single complaint about watching a romantic comedy versus football, because it’s all the same to me as long as a little of whatever you are snacking on is slipped my way. While we are lounging on the couch, watching TV and snacking, I don’t mind a scratch around my ears or a pat on my head. In fact, I welcome it. Just saying.

Some other marks in my favor include that I am housebroken, walk well on a leash and ride well in the car. I don’t bounce all over the place like a fool. I sit quietly and enjoy the ambiance of the ride. Did I mention that I like being home? Well I do. Do you have a home? If you would like to share it with me, please contact Terry at

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Cutie Pie.

Posted July 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce the artful Dodger. He is a sweet boy, who currently prefers the area underneath the bedroom sofa, to socializing with dogs or people; however, he does venture out, and is currently using the doggy door. He is house trained, has an excellent appetite, and does not suffer fools gladly (this might be why he’s so stand-offish with me 🙄).

Dodger does seem to get along with the dogs here, and there are many, but his two best mates went home last week, so that’s been a bummer for him. He is a bit food aggressive, so I suggest feeding him alone.

All silliness aside, I think Dodger has been through a rough patch prior to coming into rescue care, and needs a quiet setting, and a gentle demeanor to bring him back to his happy place. He’s a scrappy, little survivor, and does not like to be picked up; however, if you can catch him, he is willing to be touched and caressed. I have been letting him do his own thing here, and he’s gotten to the point where he comes out from under the sofa on his own terms. He likes snack time, and will come to the edge of the kitchen, and wait for me to toss him a snack. He goes outside on his own, and periodically comes into the living room to see what’s going on, and if I make eye contact, he high tails it back to the bedroom.

Dodger could be an awesome dog, for the right owner. He’s bright, and self motivated, and gets along well with other dogs. My house is a bit overwhelming for him because there are always people and dogs coming and going. Nonetheless, Dodger is negotiating our chaos like a champ.

Please email Liz ( for information about Dodger.

Posted August 2018


**Dolly is a special needs dog and must be adopted by a behaviorally savvy adopter. Her adopter must agree to sign a bite waiver and be committed to providing her with a safe and structured home. She has a low bite threshold and has snapped at and bitten people when in situations that make her anxious. Her foster states that she is very affectionate and loving once she becomes comfortable and feels safe. Due to her unpredictable behavior, she should be the only pet and in a home with no children. **

Dolly has had a ruff time finding a perfect furever home. She is 9 years old and has been in and out of the shelter several times in the last 4 years. She is your typical chi, loving, needy, friendly lap dog, on her terms! she does not care to be man handled or to have her space invaded. I met her at the shelter and she let me scoop her up and take her for a walk, she loves to go for walks! And boy does she need it, she is VERY over weight! She probably weighs 11 lbs and should weigh 8lbs. She will need someone who understands her quirks and a home with no children or visiting children under the age of 13 to ensure they are old enough to respect her space. Today her new life starts! Also her new diet.

Please email Angela ( for information about Dolly.


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

Meet Einstein! Einstein has been busy at school working out equations to your heart and to his furever home!

Einstein came to us from the shelter with an upper respiratory infection and a bad patella. He had surgery for his patella and once he was off kennel rest he had a few screaming episodes that had us back at the vet, apparently, he has a compressed disc in his back. The vet gave him steroids and he was much better. The vet later sent us home with anti-inflammatory and told us we should just use it if he seems to be in pain. To avoid these spasms, he must have a home that will provide him with steps to all furniture. He seems to know better than to jump down, or he will hurt himself, but the steps give him the freedom to roam like any other dog.

He REALLY enjoys sun-bathing, so he would enjoy a home that allows him a yard or patio to hang out on, supervised of course.

He is an awesome snuggler, he likes to give surprise kisses, he is not destructive and he doesn't mind his kennel. He is potty trained, and the only time he has marked was when we first got him, but it was minimal. He likes to play with the other dogs, but actually doesn't really know how to play, so it's quite funny!

He likes going on walks and car rides. He would love to be the center of attention, everyone who visits, he is the first one on their lap, he is a visitor favorite.

He will need annual dentals, he weighs around 6lbs, his DOB is estimated at 12/2013. He is fully vetted and ready for his furever home.

Please email Angela ( for information about Einstein.


Florence of Arizona!

This little (four-five pound) "deer" beauty is estimated at around ten years old and is a beautiful DARK (depending on the light, black) chocolate color, with some cute white markings here and there...some of which are the only indication she's not a "spring chicken" anymore 🐔😜.
Florence is one little Velcro dog, stuck to her person as much as possible! However, she is NOT sedentary, unless her person is. She is a furniture hopper/climber, one of those chis wanting to be up on things to survey her world. She also wants to follow you wherever you go, so diligence will be absolutely NECESSARY when you leave your house! We are working on this little behavior, learning the VERY important "STAY" command. HA! For the bathroom, too! ESPECIALLY for when I'm feeding the first batch of my dogs in there, she eats with the second batch, right now in my lap, so I make sure the faster eaters don't steal her food.
Florence sleeps glued to me on the sofa and in bed. I don't know how she would do in a crate situation, especially since she can have some separation anxiety and be fairly vocal about it.
I believe Florence would be most happy as an only dog, but she is doing well with my other dogs...only needing a few reminders that they live here too and she needs to share me with them!
Florence will be available for adoption after her much needed dental on August 15th

Please email Anita for information on how to adopt Florence.

Posted August 2018


My name is Jack (Bauer).

I am a healthy 10 year old male, weight 8lbs, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all shots.

I have some fear issues with collars and leashes and may bite if I feel threatened. I would like to have a quiet home with no children or cats.

I love to sit in your lap but will need a loving person that understands my issues.

I came to the rescue because my family was moving and couldn't take me with them.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Shelley ( for information.


Blessed with exceptional good looks, handsome 6 year old Justin Chihuahua is the epitome of charm and elegance, and personifies the "Latin Lover" style of old Hollywood.

Justin was born in... hmm...probably a whelping pen somewhere in Phoenix, but we are uncertain so don’t quote us. Justin’s father was possibly a successful show dog (although we have absolutely zero proof). His son's initial career ambition was not to follow in his paw prints, but instead become a famous actor or stunt dog. He dreamed of some day mouthing the words, Yo Quiero Taco Bell. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and he was forced to abandon his goal without ever achieving top screen stardom. As Justin recovers from his shattered life, he has discovered a newfound passion. His one and only purpose in life is to be the best possible rescue chi that he can be!

Justin hopes his blonde good looks and magnetic style will help propel him into a wonderful new forever home. Some of his special talents include being doggie door proficient and possessing superior on-leash skills. He is adept at cuddles and snuggles, quiet (a rare and highly coveted trait in chi’s) and comfortable in his crate.

Justin will be available for adoption once he is vetted. He will be up to date on his vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee will be $175.00. I

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Justin.

Posted September 2018


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

We rescued Matilda from the County Shelters E-list. Her evaluation described her as a blind senior dog, possible diabetic and if no outlet, humane euthanasia should be done.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw Matilda; she was active and alert, despite her vision challenge. The vet diagnosed her with diabetes and said she would need insulin shots for the rest of her life. I have never given insulin shots and found out it is not that difficult especially if you are fortunate to have a dog that is food motivated like Matilda and who doesn’t pay any attention to what you are doing when she is eating.

When we brought Matilda home she was a little confused at first but when she got familiar with her surroundings her personality came out. She is lively, energetic, loves squeaky toys and loves balls. She appears to be house trained and loves being around people. She is guessed to be about 10 years old and weighs 12 lbs. Matilda is a special girl looking for a special family.

Please email Lisa ( for information about Matilda.

Posted June 2018


This handsome little eligible bachelor is Mio! He was born in September 2013, and is a wonderful little dog, who’s going to make someone SO HAPPY! He came to the rescue, with his “brother”, Choco. They had tragically lost their dad, and were taken in by an elderly family member. However, the family member had to keep them separate from one of her other (large) dogs, and they were having to live outside in an outdoor enclosure. The family wanted a better life for them, so reached out to AZCR. We believe Mio is a Beagle Chihuahua mix, or a CHIGLE!! He is about 12 pounds, and is a total love bug! So far, we have not seen a person, or animal that he doesn’t want to befriend. Men, women, kids, dogs, cats...he loves them all!!! He is extremely housebroken, and loves to hang outside, sniffing for bugs, but also enjoys snuggling up with you under a blanket, for a Netflix marathon. And his greeting, when you come home, cannot be any sweeter, and his smile can brighten even the darkest of days!

He is super smart, and loves to play fetch, and TRUE fetch where he brings the toy back every time!!

This little lover is a great catch, don't let him be the one that got away!!

Email me, Danielle, today to see if Mio will give you a rose!!

Please email Dani ( information about Mio.

Posted March 2018


Hi I'm Mouser! My foster mom says I'm awful cute but can be difficult when I meet new people. Once I trust you though, look out! I love laps and cuddling but playing is my favorite thing! I was born 12/12/2016 and I weigh about 7 lbs. I live with a 10 year old girl I just adore so I'd be good with kids (again, once I trust them). I am not real fond of big dogs but am okay with small dogs and cats. No little dogs in my current home really want to play with me so I'd love a playmate. I am crate trained but do still have accidents in the house. Sometimes I just don't want to go out but realize after I have to go. Oops! I will get there. I'm still a puppy. I am looking for a family that will look past my fearful display of barking and see what a great dog I really am. I am such a happy boy but I do get scared. The world can be a scary place for a little dog who came from the shelter. I am neutered (don't even go there), up to date on shots and microchipped. I would love for someone to give me a chance and continue to work with me on my socialization.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Mouser.


AZCR is pleased to introduce…..SUPERDOG (or just Oscar)! A dog possessed of amazing physical powers. He is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and easily able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The puppy of Krypton is now the Dog of Steel: Superdog! To best be in a position to use his extraordinary powers in a never-ending battle for treats and squeakies, Superdog has assumed the disguise of Oscar, mild-mannered Chihuahua, Pomeranian or maybe even a little Sheltie mix of some sort.

Superdog Oscar is looking for a lifelong friendship that’s out of this world. Naturally, our hero is very active and would do best with an individual or family that would be willing to devote time to exercise and play. He would probably love to try his paw at agility or continue with daily walks/runs and some games of fetch. Our brave protagonist is one clever boy. He finds immense fulfillment in solving doggie puzzles, particularly when it culminates in some sort of a treat at the end. This dog of steel is quite a character and all around good guy, who would be up for just about anything that doesn’t involve Kryptonite or a trip to the vet.

Unfortunately, he will not be available for adoption until he is cleared by our vet, but he will tough it out in valiant fashion just as you would expect. For the record, his vital statistics are as follows: Handsome cream/buff colored neutered male weighing 8.6 pounds. Working on refining his doggie manners and potty training skills. Oscar is microchipped and has all of his vaccinations

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Oscar.

Posted July 2018


Arnold Palmer was one of the world’s best golfers, an icon of the 1960s and one of America’s first celebrity athletes. Our little Palmer is one of the world’s best Chihuahuas, not even close to becoming an icon, and he could not care less for becoming a celebrity athlete. What he would like to become is your new best buddy!

Palmer came to us via the Humane Society of Yuma, where he was brought in as a stray. He tends to be a more reserved gentleman at first. Once he warms up to his environment, he quickly becomes your shadow and follows you anywhere and everywhere. Similarly to Mr. Palmer, our little pal has loads of charisma and is earning a very loyal following of Facebook fans due to his playful spirit and boyish good looks. He has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a lovebug and likes to cuddle up next to you on the sofa for pets. He is always up for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and is a doggie door aficianado.

HSOY listed Palmer’s age as being an Adult. It is estimated that he is between the ages of 7 and 9. I am guessing that he may even be a little younger based upon his activity level. He certainly acts like a younger fellow. He weighs about 6 lbs. He has been neutered and is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. He is also microchipped. Palmer’s adoption fee is $175.00.

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Palmer.

Posted October 2018


My name is Poesy. As you can see by my photo, I am a cutie. My ears stand at full attention, my eyes watch everything that goes on, and my body is eager to get going for a day of play (I love toys) and treats (Yeah. I love my treats, too).

You’re probably wondering why I’m in foster care, so let me tell you. A while back, some one, who remains nameless, dumped me and four other friends in the Camp Verde Marshall’s office yard. My current foster mom, Elaine, calls it Doggie Detention. She’s right about that! I’m glad she got me out of that ugly place.

Elaine took me to her home, but she’s not able to keep me forever, cuz she already has a big family of Chis. I know she cares about me and wants a loving family to adopt me. That could be YOU!

I’m only a year old and have lots and lots of energy. Does that mean I’m hyperactive? I don’t know, but hey, take me for a walk, give me some exercise, play with me, give me a few treats and I’m a happy Chi.

I gotta tell you that I’m not a lap dog, and I don’t like being carried around - like that furry kid in Legally Blonde - you get my drift. Of course, I can learn. If you spend some time teaching me good doggy skills and maybe take me to some training classes, I know I will shine. I’m already potty pad trained, will sit next to my human, and snuggle under the covers at night. I can be a little possessive, but between me and you, its because I’m scared.

I know in my heart that there is the perfect home for me. It could be yours. How ‘bout we do a meet and greet. See for yourself. Please, be mine!

Please email Elaine ( for information about Poesy.


Meet Rocket! He loves long walks and is great on a leash. Throw in a car ride and that’s his perfect day! In fact, he would probably love a night out on the town too! But, when the house gets quiet he’s up for cuddling. He’ll sleep in a kennel or on your bed. He is housebroken and leash trained. He is 7 years old and 6.5 lbs. He gets along with other dogs and loves older children and adults. He’s brand new to us from MACC in West Phoenix and didn’t come with much information. His intake form said he was nervous around small children.

He will be available August 22nd. He will be fully vetted with a brand new dental.

Please email Liesl ( for information on how to adopt Rocket.

Posted July 2018


Meet Romeo! This little boy definitely lives up to his name. He is so sweet! His date of birth is estimated as 9/16/2013 but he acts like a puppy. He loves to play! He is housebroken and crate trained. We aren't sure yet how he walks on a leash but he is a really easy going guy. He is good with other dogs and with older kids. He is microchipped, neutered and up to date on shots.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Romeo.

Posted October 2018


This is Roy! He’s a stray from Yuma and the sweetest boy in the world! He’s 5lbs and 7 years old. He’s quiet – we have not heard him bark, not demanding, loves to cuddle and nap on the couch. He’s housebroken, likes short walks, will sleep in a kennel or on a bed. He lets you clip his nails and is fine with baths. He gets along with other dogs and small pets. He would be great with older children and adults. He can be a little nippy if you move to fast with him but his cuteness makes up for it! You’ll be lucky to adopt this one!

Please email Liesl ( for information on how to adopt Roy.

Posted October 2018


Hi I'm Smalls! I ended up at MCACC with a fractured pelvis but luckily am now sleeping in a comfy bed and healing. As of 7/20/2018 I will need to be quiet and heal for 6-8 weeks but then I look forward to being able to be the crazy pup I am. I was born 7/5/2017 (est) and weigh 7lbs but my foster mom says I'm too skinny and need to eat more. I love belly rubs. I am new to the rescue and this foster business so I'm not sure yet about things but I am a pretty happy boy most of the time. Stay tuned for more information as I heal. I am microchipped, up to date on shots and neutered.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Smalls.

Posted July 2018


Hi! My name is Terri.

I was born in November 2014. I’m a big girl, weighing in at 10 pounds. I ‘m not saying for sure, but I think I’m one of those mixed breeds - maybe a little Fox TERRIer with some Chi. Get ti?

My foster parents call me “The dog behind the couch”. Here’s the scoop: I came in from the county - scared, super scared. Humans made me nervous. They still do, but I’m working on getting rid of those fears. My foster parents believe that I will fall in line eventually, since I sit on the couch and take treats from their hands.

I used to be so scared when picked up, I would defecate, but now if you can catch me, I’ll let you hold me.
I love playing with other puppies in the house and I am very potty trained, I do not potty in the house, but someone needs to open the door for me. I don’t know how to use a doggy door or a crate. As for the leash. Don’t even try it. Not yet. I’ll need to get braver and feel more trust in humans before that happens.

One thing I love is food. Even though I’m still scared, I don’t miss a meal. I know when it’s time to eat, and I magically appear at my dish. When its night time and all the others have chosen their places of sleep, I saunter off to my bed behind the couch.

I hope I haven’t scared you. Yeah, I’m a challenge, but I’m a worthy one. If you understand dog behavior and don’t mind that I have fears, we could become a team. You could work with me and help me increase my confidence. I’d be ever so thankful, and you’d be proud of your new furry kid!

Terri is up to date on all her vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

Please email Angela ( for information about Terri.

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