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We are an all volunteer rescue and we do not have any paid staff. We do not have a shelter as all of our dogs live in foster homes throughout the Valley, Flagstaff and Tucson. If you are interested in any of our fosters, please get in touch with their foster mom. We also have adoption events every weekend in the East and West Valley.

Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you haven't received a response in 48 hours, please feel free to email the website and/or call our hotline number. Thank you.

We only adopt to Arizona residents.

All dogs currently residing in your home must be fixed and up-to-date on all vaccines. AZCR will determine the best home for each dog based on the application process and interview. The application and/or interview does not guarantee an approval. It also does not guarantee the adoption of a particular dog you may be interested in. AZCR may recommend a different dog more suitable to your household. AZCR is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and standards.


Hi Everyone, my name is Birdy. Yep. You got it. BIRDY. I’m 2 1/2 years old, weigh 6 pounds and am one beautiful girl. I am white with black spots. My ears are different colors. One is white; the other black. So awesome! I love it!

I think of myself flying and zooming round and round, til I plop down in a little heap, ready for a nap. It’s fun when I get to run and play with other little dogs, but hey, keep those young 2 legged kids away from me. They move too fast, and it scares me. Same goes for strangers. I’ll SNAP at them, too. I DO NOT do well with cats.

You might think I’m standoffish. I’m not really. It takes me some time to warm up. I gotta get a sense of you first. After a day or so, I’m fine. Then I’m more like a velcro Chi. I’ll stick close by and follow you everywhere!

My foster mom thinks I’m sweet - as sweet as anyone can be. She’ll tell you I’m a work in progress. I use the doggie door, and am learning about going potty outside. I don’t know about walking with a leash. Maybe you could help me with that. I’ll sleep in my crate or will sleep in bed with you.

I’m healthy, happy, love lots of tummy rubs, and am waiting for YOU to come adopt me.

Please email Beth ( for information on how to adopt Birdy.


We warmly welcome Candy to the Rescue. A recent rescue from the county shelter, we are just getting to know her but it looks like she will live up to her new name and turn out to be a "sweet girl". At present she is adjusting at her foster home: recovering from the stress of the shelter and needing to be spayed is still on her agenda; but we are gladly accepting applications.

Loves to give kisses and knows potty pads; used to being on a leash and harness. She is about 7 pounds and 1 1/2 years old; and in pretty good shape. She seems to be good with other dogs her size or slightly larger. Will keep you updated as she comes more out of her shell.

Please email Mary ( for information about Candy.

Posted December 2017


Carson – Hi, I’m Carson puppy, or that’s what my foster mom & daddy call me. I am what you call a “Jack-Chi” (Jack Russel & Chihuahua), and people tell me my markings are very unique and striking. What do you think? They tell me I am named in memory of a special angel, Carson Collins, of the #Gilbert23. I don’t mind a little help finding my forever home from a guardian angel! I was born in Yuma, in May 2017, but the people I lived with decided they didn’t want me anymore when they moved away, and I found myself in a scary place with lots of sad dogs and cats crying, scary smells, and cement floors. I was poked with needles, and went to sleep one day on a table, and woke up with a sore feeling “down there”. Someone said I got neutered? Don’t get me wrong, there were some nice people there who visited with me, but they would always leave me at the end of the day. Then one day, I was told I was going to take the “rescue express” to foster. I was put in a small crate, and in a big van with other dogs, and we went on a long ride. When the van stopped, and the door opened, there was a nice lady peering into my crate saying my name. She told me she was going to be my foster mommy, and was going to find me a great home. Then we got into her car, where she had a nice soft bed, blanket, and my very own stuffed baby, and off we went to Tucson. When we got there, I met my foster brothers & sister, Buddy, Buick, and Bella-Sue. I was a little nervous at first, but before long, we were playing like old pals. Well, except Bella, she is kind of bossy, and yells at me a lot. So I’ve learned to leave her alone, unless she asks me to play. There is even a kitty there, who I like a lot too. I tried to get him to play with me, but he’s pretty lazy. My foster Daddy says I’m a super snuggle boy, and I’m very smart, and a really good boy. I like to snuggle with him under the covers, and help him with yard work. I never potty inside, I hold it until I’m outside, and then I go for a while! My one vice is chewing, but, hey, I’m a puppy! My big boy teeth are coming in, so I just need help understanding what is okay to chew on, and what isn’t. When my foster parents leave, I go in my crate, and they give me a Nylabone to chew on. I stay very quiet, and sleep and chew my bone until they let me out. Foster Daddy says, I’m SUCH a good boy, that if they didn’t have a doggie limit, I’d be staying here. But they do, so I need to find a forever home. I’d love to find a home with at least one other doggie playmate, and with someone who will spend time with me in the yard playing (I play fetch really well already), snuggling in bed or on the couch, even going for rides in the car. I’m still a little unsure of walking on a leash, so if my someone is looking for a walking pal, they will need to understand that I’m a puppy, and still learning, and be patient as they teach me. But as my foster parents say, I’m very smart, and learn quickly. Won’t you email my foster mom, and ask to meet me? Once you do, I promise you’ll want to take me home with you!

Carson is neutered, UTD on all vaccinations, and microchipped.

Please email Danielle ( for information about Carson.

Posted December 2017


This is a courtesy post for Coco, Blacky and Whitie's current owner or person who found them. They are NOT in the care of AZCR, if you are interested in learning more about them and how to adopt them and their adoption fees contact Paloma Foulkes at her email listed below.

Coco, Whitie and Blacky need help to find a forever home that can keep them together. This three member Chihuahua mix bonded family have been looking for a forever home for a long time. Coco (mom) was rescued in December 2014 at a manufacturing company in Mexicali, Mexico, pregnant. She had six babies, one didn´t make it and three got adopted soon. Time passed and Blacky, Whitie and Coco became extremely bonded. They play, sleep and eat together! They do everything together! It is hard to find a home for one dog and harder for three, but Paloma truly believes in bonds among all creatures. These friends are bonded and deserve to live together. They are spayed and neutered and have shots to date. Coco is 3 yrs old and Blacky and Whitie are 1.4 yrs old. Paloma is located in Mexicali but will transport to a loving and good forever home!

Please email Paloma ( ) for information about how to adopt this loving and bonded family.


Hi Ya!

I wanna introduce myself. My name is Cowboy, but my foster mom likes calling me Neelix - you know, the cook from Star Trek’s Voyager crew. Neelix and I have a few things in common, He was an alien native from a far distant galaxy. I feel like an alien, too. I don’t remember where I came from, and I still don’t feel safe here on planet Earth. I’m kinda like a cowboy lookin for a safe forever home.

I’m cute. As cute as can be, with lots of character. How many little guys do you know with long wispy whiskers on their cheeks and in between their toes? Kinda like Neelix. I know I’m small at 6 pounds, but I’m made up of tough stuff: Chi and Terrier.

Tough lookin on the outside, but scared on the inside. So scared. I wish I wasn’t. I’m working on it, but it’s not easy. I get along with other dogs, but I don’t know how to play with them. Walking on a leash makes me shake and quiver. Too many loud noises. I get anxious in the car, but with a little work, maybe I’d learn to like it.

I confess that I’m possessive of my human. I think I wanna be the only dog. I’ll bite when someone comes near me all of a sudden. My history of being a pleasant boy isn’t always stellar. My human from a long time ago turned me in to the Rescue because I was biting his adult son. Honest. I don’t know what made me do it.

Give me some canned food and fruit and veggies for treats. Yum! I know how to use the dog door, so I’m good there. I wish I could tell you my birthdate, but no one seems to know it. My foster mom believes I’m 5 -7 years old. I still have lots of life left in me. Do you have a heart so big that you could take me in as your very own? I hope so, cuz I’m the lonesome cowboy lookin’ for a place to call home.

Please email Angela ( for information about Cowboy.


Let's welcome Diego! We are still getting to know him, he is 1yrs old and weighs 9.6lbs. He is friendly and sweet. Check back later for more info on this little guy

Please email Angela ( for information about Diego.


Meet Dolly!

Dolly has had a ruff time finding a perfect furever home. She is 9 years old and has been in and out of the shelter several times in the last 4 years. She is your typical chi, loving, needy, friendly lap dog, on her terms! she does not care to be man handled or to have her space invaded. I met her at the shelter and she let me scoop her up and take her for a walk, she loves to go for walks! And boy does she need it, she is VERY over weight! She probably weighs 11 lbs and should weigh 8lbs. She will need someone who understands her quirks and a home with no children or visiting children under the age of 13 to ensure they are old enough to respect her space. Today her new life starts! Also her new diet.

Please email Angela ( for information about Dolly.


I’m Dori, the 10 lb spayed princess Chi mix. My birthday is around June 2010. Someone found me delivering a baby pup and turned me over to foster care. I’m glad they did that! Unfortunately, my pup was born with a bad cleft palate and did not make it, But I am so glad my foster mom did everything she could to help me and my pup.
My foster mom says I’m a good girl. It’s true. I am, although I’m not a very social kind of Chi. I like adults for the most part, but not kids. I like playing with other dogs, but I don’t know about cats. I sit right next to my humans, but I don’t want to be on anyone’s lap. It takes me a while to warm up. I dislike visitors and usually hide when they come over but when I think they oughta leave, I chase them out of the house. LOL!

My favorite thing to do is play the part of a princess. I sleep perched on top of a tall kennel. Its my very own private space. You can find me hiding beneath blankets and taking it easy. I’m a professional couch potato. When it’s summer, I like sitting out on the porch in the morning sun.

I’m potty trained and use the doggy door. I’ll go into the crate if I have to, but I’d rather not. It’s fun taking walks. The leash is fine, but cars scare me. I have this little weird habit of chasing my tail when I want my dinner. Kind a cute, I think.

Except for some crooked teeth, that gives me a special grin, I’m a healthy kid looking for my forever home. Could we do a meet and greet?

Dori is current on all vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

Please email Angela ( for information about Dori.

Dori aka ADORIable on PhotoPeach


Meet Einstein! Einstein has been busy at school working out equations to your heart and to his furever home!

Einstein came to us from the shelter with an upper respiratory infection and a bad patella. He has finished all his medical and is ready to find his very own home. Because he spent so much time on kennel rest, we are just now starting to learn good potty habits.

He is an awesome snuggler, not destructive and he doesn't mind his kennel. He likes to play with the other dogs, but actually doesn't really know how to play, so it's quite funny!

He likes going on walks and car rides. He would love to be the center of attention, he gives gentle kisses, and wouldn't mind being carried around or taken every where you go.

He weighs around 6lbs his DOB is estimated at 12/2013. He is fully vetted and ready for his furever home.

Please email Angela ( for information about Einstein.


Helen and Henry are a loving bonded pair. They are 6 pounds each. Helen is around 6 years old and Henry is about 8 years old. Helen and Henry have back dew claws along with their front ones.

Helen likes to den under blankets. She is just as content to sit in her kennel as on my lap. Henry likes to go from the kennel to the dog bed to my lap. Both dogs are as sweet as can be. They are not quite sure about walking on leashes but with time I think they would be fine. They go in their kennels just fine and get along with other dogs.

I am not sure how they would handle children under 6, but older kids are fine. Helen and Henry do have a few moments of skittishness if they hear a loud noise. Henry likes to let you know if he sees or hears something. A quick squirt of the water bottle fixes that. They need a loving home, will it be with you?

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Helen and Henry.


My name is Jack (Bauer).

I am a healthy 10 year old male, weight 8lbs, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all shots.

I have some fear issues with collars and leashes and may bite if I feel threatened. I would like to have a quiet home with no children or cats.

I love to sit in your lap but will need a loving person that understands my issues.

I came to the rescue because my family was moving and couldn't take me with them.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Shelley ( for information.


Joy is a REALLY sweet dog, she likes other dogs, cats don't phase her and is very playful.

Her DOB is April 2017 and she is about 6lbs.

Ohh she LOVES MEN which is unusual for a chi :)

She is just happy being held and although she is playful she'd take a lap over a toy.

Please email Elizabeth ( for information about Joy.

Posted January 2018


Hello, my name is Maggie. I am around 10 years old. Even though I am a little bit older, I still have a lot of miles left. I enjoy bones, walks, toys, and most of all snuggling under the covers with my foster mom. I am a total sweetheart. I get along with other dogs as long as they are not trying to eat my food or take my bone. Since I am an older gal I just grump at them. I get along with kids as well. I enjoy car rides and sun bathing. I am house trained and go in my kennel when I am told to. I am a little nervous at first and then I warm up. I only bark if the door bell rings. I am about 7 lbs and I am healthy although I do have some issues with my ears. I am looking for my forever home. Please contact my foster mom if you would like to meet me.

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Maggie.

Maggie on PhotoPeach


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

I, her foster Mom, am proud to present our sweet girl, Miss Lily. She was adopted to a family some months back who recently returned her to the rescue. They said that she was being returned because (1) she does not like to travel and (2) she goes after the pant legs of men-from behind. Since she has been with me she has traveled in the car to and from the vet's office on several occasions with no problem whatsoever. She does however want to go after mens pant legs-from behind. We are working on that with her and she will stop her pursuit with a correction from me.

Miss Lily is well housetrained, she sleeps in her kennel overnight with no problems, she knows the command "sit", she is very affectionate with me, loves to give kisses and gets along fairly well with the other dogs in the household. She does aspire to be the dominate dog but we are also working on that and she is coming along. She could do okay with another dog but would probably do best as the only dog. Lily is about 6 years old.

Miss Lily tested negative for heartworm and is on heartworm preventive meds. She had some seizures while with her previous owner and she is on medication to control those. Miss Lily tested negative for Valley and Tick Fevers so the vet feels she is epileptic and will likely need to remain on seizure control meds for the remainder of her life.

Please email Barb ( for information on how to adopt Miss Lily.


Hi I'm Mouser! My foster mom says I'm awful cute but can be difficult when I meet new people. Once I trust you though, look out! I love laps and cuddling but playing is my favorite thing! I was born 12/12/2016 and I weigh about 7 lbs. I live with a 10 year old girl I just adore so I'd be good with kids (again, once I trust them). I am not real fond of big dogs but am okay with small dogs and cats. No little dogs in my current home really want to play with me so I'd love a playmate. I am crate trained but do still have accidents in the house. Sometimes I just don't want to go out but realize after I have to go. Oops! I will get there. I'm still a puppy. I am looking for a family that will look past my fearful display of barking and see what a great dog I really am. I am such a happy boy but I do get scared. The world can be a scary place for a little dog who came from the shelter. I am neutered (don't even go there), up to date on shots and microchipped. I would love for someone to give me a chance and continue to work with me on my socialization.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Mouser.



My name is Peanut, the not too little Chi. I’m a 15 year old lady, born on May 2, 2002.

Yep, I’m a bit on the chunky side at 10 pounds. It happens sometimes, when we get old. We gain weight! Also, I REALLY like food! I have a mild heart murmur but don’t take any medicines. If you help me keep my teeth clean and my weight down, all will be well.

I get along with everyone, including kids. Don’t know about the cats. Don’t live with any. I love car rides, I sleep with my humans, am potty trained, use a doggy door and the steps to get into bed. I’m not crate trained, but hey I’m a senior. I sleep a lot and don’t get into trouble. I do have a little quirk about being picked up. I’m not crazy about it and I might snap. Give me a few weeks to warm up and I will be happy to accept belly rubs and back scratches.

My owners surrendered me after I lived with them for ten years. You know why - because my mom got a new husband and a baby. I didn’t fit in their world anymore. Maybe I could fit in yours. I’d love a quiet home where there might be another senior dog or two. I want so much to belong to a new loving family. Maybe we could meet and see what happens.

Please email Sharon ( for information on how to adopt Peanut.


Pedro looks like he is part Italian Grey Hound part Chihuahua. He did have mange at some point which is why his face looks a little patchy but it is all cleared up.

Pedro is about 9.8 pounds and around 6 years old. He is a very sweet but nervous boy. He isn't quite sure of noises and sudden movement. It took him a while to warm up to me but now that I have had him for a while he hops right into my lap.

Sometimes he is hard to pick up as he low hops away. I am not sure what happened before he came to us but it had to have been bad since he is so nervous. Pedro needs a forever family who is patient and will let him come to them in his own time. He is a little more nervous of men and takes longer to adjust to them. He goes in his kennel pretty well.

Pedro gets along with other dogs. He seems fine with older children. I am not sure how he would do with kids under 6. Pedro is not quite sure about being on a leash and walking, but I am sure with practice he would get better. He is a loving dog who needs a loving home.

Please email
( for information on how to adopt Pedro.

PERDY (Chi-Whisperer dog)

**A chi-whisper dog is a dog that needs that extra caring hand to help them get over the fears and habits that they developed due to being in one of the following:
Coming from a puppy mill
Coming from a bad back yard breeder
Coming from a hoarding situation
Coming from a an abusive situation
These are great dogs that just need that extra attention from people who have that special gift with animals**

Perdy aka Perdida was born 11-07-01 which means she spent 7 years breeding in a puppy mill. How sad. She also is timid but coming along nicely.

Please email Barb (at for information on how to adopt Perdy.


My name is Poesy. As you can see by my photo, I am a cutie. My ears stand at full attention, my eyes watch everything that goes on, and my body is eager to get going for a day of play (I love toys) and treats (Yeah. I love my treats, too).

You’re probably wondering why I’m in foster care, so let me tell you. A while back, some one, who remains nameless, dumped me and four other friends in the Camp Verde Marshall’s office yard. My current foster mom, Elaine, calls it Doggie Detention. She’s right about that! I’m glad she got me out of that ugly place.

Elaine took me to her home, but she’s not able to keep me forever, cuz she already has a big family of Chis. I know she cares about me and wants a loving family to adopt me. That could be YOU!

I’m only a year old and have lots and lots of energy. Does that mean I’m hyperactive? I don’t know, but hey, take me for a walk, give me some exercise, play with me, give me a few treats and I’m a happy Chi.

I gotta tell you that I’m not a lap dog, and I don’t like being carried around - like that furry kid in Legally Blonde - you get my drift. Of course, I can learn. If you spend some time teaching me good doggy skills and maybe take me to some training classes, I know I will shine. I’m already potty pad trained, will sit next to my human, and snuggle under the covers at night. I can be a little possessive, but between me and you, its because I’m scared.

I know in my heart that there is the perfect home for me. It could be yours. How ‘bout we do a meet and greet. See for yourself. Please, be mine!

Please email Elaine ( for information about Poesy.


Call me Precious Marie. I was born in October, 2008. I’m a 6 lb blonde, but no blonde jokes - please!
I love men, women and older kids. I’m a healthy, active Chi who loves cuddling, taking walks and going on car rides. My foster dad lets me sleep next to him. I like that!

I am potty trained and use the doggy door. I LOVE food and will bark for it. With a name like Precious, you know I must be sweet, and I am, except for a few little quirks like chasing my butt, being a little possessive of my human and okay, I confess. I can be rude to new visitors.

The Rescue brought me in from Yuma where I lived with one family for 8 years. They told the shelter that I was the best dog and would protect you in a thunderstorm even though they scare me too, but they still turned me in. If you would adopt me, cuz I am super sweet, we could work on my manners together and I will protect you in a scary thunderstorm. You and me… a one human house…. we could go places together!

Precious Marie is current on all vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

Please email Angela ( for information about Precious Marie.


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

Rascal is a special needs dog and must be adopted by a behaviorally savvy adopter. His adopter must agree to sign a bite waiver and be committed to providing Rascal with a safe and structured home. Rascal has a low bite threshold and has snapped at and bitten people when in situations that make him anxious. His foster states that he is very affectionate and loving once he becomes comfortable and feels safe. Due to his unpredictable behavior, he should be the only pet and in a home with no children.

Looking for a devoted companion to provide lots of belly rubs. Oh…and cookies…that’s super important too!!

In return, I, Rascally Rascal do solemnly swear to be your loyal friend for my entire life and provide you with unlimited unconditional love.

Here’s a little more information about me that might just sweeten the deal. My friends describe me as a very handsome little man with a winning smile. I’ve been told that I look like a little toy fox. My coat is a coffee colored tan and I have distinct white socks on all four paws. I’m approximately 4 years old and weigh all of about 7 pounds soaking wet. Check out my photos!

Not convinced yet.

Do you need help meeting your Fitbit step goals? I’m your man! I do very well on leash and will gladly accompany you on walks whenever you feel like taking a stroll.

Would you prefer a more reserved companion? That’s me! I am a quiet fellow, who thrives on affection from my human. I’m a real cuddle bug. I don’t find it necessary to make my presence known every time the doorbell rings. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy the sounds of a good old fashioned squeaky toy and I am very good at entertaining myself.

Are you concerned about having the time to potty train and vet a new pup? No worries here! I am proud to say that I am proficient in the use of a doggie door and have rarely had accidents in my foster home. I am also neutered, up-to-date on all vaccines and micro-chipped!

What are you waiting for? Please email Terry ( for information about Rascal.


Rookie is 7 yrs old and is blind in one eye. Rook loves women and is very distrustful of men and of male dogs. He acts like a dog who witnessed domestic violence. If a male in his foster home, raises his voice, Rookie runs to the closest female and gets between her and the male. Rookie is very affectionate, loves to snuggle and sleep right against the back of his human, as long as it is a female. He gets along with female dogs but sure does not want to be around any males. Want a good buddy and a protector?? Rookie is the man.

Please email Barb ( for information about Rookie.


Sadie came into the rescue with Rio when their owner died. She is very sweet and very playful. She is 4 yrs old and 17lbs. She is currently on a diet to get the weight down. She is okay with other dogs and cats. She is also potty pad trained we believe but are working to get her to go outside more. She is fixed, up to date on shots and microchipped.

Please email Bobby ( for information about Sadie.


Meet Scooby!

We fostered Scooby for two months for PACC while he recovered from tick fever, hernia surgery, gained weight and then got his teeth polished. He is 6 lbs and 6 years old. He is super appreciative little guy that someone will be lucky to get! He loves to sleep in bed under a blanket but he is also kennel trained. He is very vocal but not in an annoying barking way; he sounds like he is trying to talk to you. He loves walks, sitting on your lap or following you around the house. He does not bite and is good with other smaller dogs and animals. He’s gotten in a couple of scuffles with our other male Chihuahuas but they don’t seem serious and it’s probably their fault, not his. He is very well housebroken and a good eater. I can’t say enough good things about this special little dog looking for a loving home.

Please email Liesl ( for information on how to adopt Scooby.

Posted December 2017


Hello, my name is Spicy and I am a brindle smooth coat chi-weenie.

I was born 3/1/2008 per my owner who had to surrender me to AZCR. I need a home with NO children under the age of 12. I would like to be the only dog as I can be a dominant female. I like to go for walks and ride in the car. I like going to Petsmart type stores that are doggie friendly but, I am not great with folks coming up to pet me and strange dogs upset me.

I would do wonderful in a home with a women or senior couple. I like my crate as my inside doggie house. I do not get on the furniture. I do use the doggie door.

I was attacked by a big dog and was hurt. My previous mom was hurt as well by the big dog. I am located up north in the Verde Valley.

Please email Cho ( for information on how to adopt Spicy.


Hi! My name is Terri.

I was born in November 2014. I’m a big girl, weighing in at 10 pounds. I ‘m not saying for sure, but I think I’m one of those mixed breeds - maybe a little Fox TERRIer with some Chi. Get ti?

My foster parents call me “The dog behind the couch”. Here’s the scoop: I came in from the county - scared, super scared. Humans made me nervous. They still do, but I’m working on getting rid of those fears. My foster parents believe that I will fall in line eventually, since I sit on the couch and take treats from their hands.

I used to be so scared when picked up, I would defecate, but now if you can catch me, I’ll let you hold me.
I love playing with other puppies in the house and I am very potty trained, I do not potty in the house, but someone needs to open the door for me. I don’t know how to use a doggy door or a crate. As for the leash. Don’t even try it. Not yet. I’ll need to get braver and feel more trust in humans before that happens.

One thing I love is food. Even though I’m still scared, I don’t miss a meal. I know when it’s time to eat, and I magically appear at my dish. When its night time and all the others have chosen their places of sleep, I saunter off to my bed behind the couch.

I hope I haven’t scared you. Yeah, I’m a challenge, but I’m a worthy one. If you understand dog behavior and don’t mind that I have fears, we could become a team. You could work with me and help me increase my confidence. I’d be ever so thankful, and you’d be proud of your new furry kid!

Terri is up to date on all her vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

Please email Angela ( for information about Terri.


Toby is a sweet, timid boy who gets alog with other dogs and he was born in December 2009. He is neutered and up to date on his shots and he is looking for his forever home. Could that be you?

Please email Becky ( for information about Toby.


Please meet Violeta (Violet for short). This sweet girl was born 1/2/2014 and weighs about 6lbs. She is new to the rescue so we are still learning about her. She is very well behaved and seems to be housebroken but we need more time to know for sure. She has a very funny side to her as well that we are starting to see. She loves to be on laps and loves attention. We were told she doesn't like to walk on a harness but we will work with her as soon as she becomes more comfortable.

Please email Cindi ( for information on how to adopt Violeta.

Posted January 2018


Please meet Vivian! Vivian is 2-3 years old and she was hit by a car prior to coming to our rescue. She is fully recovered apart from some scarring. She loves people and is good with most dogs but not particularly cat friendly. She is very much a cuddler and is a larger mix at 13-15lbs. She is currently living in Flagstaff with her foster family.

Please email Helen ( for information about Vivian.


Winston is a super cute, 5 lbs male chihuahua with a short tan coat. He has a fear of being picked up and will run away, but once he gets into your lap, he is content and will stay in it as long as you want. Winston does not mind taking baths or clipping his nails. He loves going on walks and is learning to enjoy rides in the car. He loves his kennel and naps on the couch. He’s approximately 6 years old. He is very well housebroken.

We are not sure of his circumstances before he arrived to AZCR. He was found roaming the desert and saved by the organization. By observing his behavior, it appears that he might have been in an abusive situation.

We are working on a few behavior issues with Winston. Winston will do best in a female household, with no children or large dogs. He will snap from fear and is aggressive towards men and kids. He does bite and has a good set of teeth. He wants to be loyal to one female person. Please be prepared to let him warm up for some time (2+ months).
Winston has some medical issues that will require regular veterinary care and medication.

Please email Liesl ( for information on how to adopt Winston.

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