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The Rainbow Bridge

Our Co-Founder ABBY

About 4 years ago when I was volunteering with an all breed rescue, we got a call from animal control that they had a little tri color female chi with a bad heart murmur and would our group consider New Hoping her. A volunteer went to the pound picked her up, took her to one of their vets to be evaluated. The vet said that she had Congestive Heart Failure but, with proper care, could probably live another 2 to 5 years so she was New Hoped.

At that time I had no use for Chihuahuas and thought of them as little nippy, noisy things. I had some friends who were going to foster her so delivered her to them. I paid little attention to her as I only liked medium and large dogs. They named her Abby. She was with them a couple of weeks when she had a skin condition, their sitter thought it was ring worm so said either get rid of her or the sitter would quit. They called me, there was no room in any home so I agreed to foster her. My two sons share a bathroom that used to be a utility room so is about 6 feet by 8 feet. I told them she would share their bathroom and they would have to walk her as I could not let her in the rest of the house because our big dogs would eat her. That went well for one day. On the second day, no one was around but me so I went into the bathroom to take her for a walk, found myself chatting with her and slowly developed a very deep love for her and a total love for the breed. By the 3rd day I asked my kids to help me integrate her into the family. No problem - this little lady became the boss of the big dogs and of us too. Abby was a tri color and so strong willed and very smart.

Along came Michele and Rob who wanted to adopt her. They had lost their young Chihuahua, Taz to a snake and Abby looked a lot like an older version of Taz. They fostered Abby for a short while. Turns out, Michele's other chihuahuas were not so accomadating to Abby so back to my house she came. But Michele and I bonded over Chihuahuas during this time.

I remember when I went back to their home to pick her up, Rob said that I would end up keeping her. I thought he was wrong but he was not. I agreed to sanctuary her for the other rescue group. As Michele and I worked together eventually forming ACR, I asked to adopt her from the other group as I was leaving them and wanted to make sure Abby would always be with us. Abby was our little dumpster diving chi hootie. She would somehow get onto the top of the washing machine, then make a dramatic leap into the garbage can to see if there was any good stuff in there to nibble on. If the can was empty and she landed in an empty bag she would "chatter" angrily so one of us would hear her and get her out. She gave us many laughs.

For about a year or so she had not been able to do her dumpster diving. Many times I thought she was going to leave us but she would rebound. She seemed to want to live and I was not going to change that. Often she would have trouble breathing as her lungs were very diseased but she never missed a meal and her output was okay. In the last six months she seemed to age a lot, her muzzle got very gray, her vision and hearing were not good and often she would potty in the house. I did not care as I was just grateful that she could still pee and poop.

About a week before she died I had a nice private chat with her. I told her about all my early feelings and how knowing her changed my opinion of chihuahuas. I also told her she did not need to hang around unless she wanted to, that I would be okay. Then I told her how many lives she had been responsible for saving and how proud she should be of herself. Through Abby, Michele and I met and Az Chi Rescue was started.


A few years ago I was visiting my family, I'm from Tucson, for Thanksgiving. When we were all done eating I had gotten up to help Mom clear the table and throw the trash away. Well I had a huge surprise, because there was Abby sitting on top of the trash in the garbage can, munching on a huge drumstick. You have to understand that Abby had to do some climbing to get into it. As far as I figured, she had climbed onto the dog food, didn't want that, got onto the counter and then jumped over the gate into the trash can. I thought I'd just take it away from her, but for such a small dog, she was doggone strong. I ended up taking the drumstick and her out of the trash, and she was just hanging on with her mouth and wouldn't let go. I kept her over the floor close enough so when she finally let go, she wouldn't get hurt. I so wish I had a picture of that moment, but will always remember what a tough and resourceful little bugger she was, and will miss her terribly!


What can I say about this old lady but what a hoot she was.

She was around 15 years old when she came to me. She was a stray off the streets. We had Aggie for 2 years. She loved to play in the veggie garden with me and pull off tomatoes. She would also play hide an seek in the veggie garden.

I would call her and she would bark and you could hear her moving in the garden. She was a true character.

She started to have issues with the sun and her eyes so she had sun glasses and cap she started wearing ever where she went.

She loved to go in the car and go for walks and she never met a stranger and she had lots of stories to tell you as well.

I wish I could of had this special lady longer. I sure miss her in the garden.

We miss you and I know you are telling stories in heaven.


These little ones were not with us long. But we will be sure to see them someday at The Rainbow Bridge.



Little, beautiful soul. Wasn't with us nearly long enough. Her little body just couldn't fight anymore. At least she new love in her final days. RIP sweet puppy.



I was diagnosed with heartworm in June 2011, so I am currently not up for adoption
while I take my meds and work on getting well. My treatment will last until October, so
I'll be ready to go to my forever home around that time. If you're interested in talking
to my foster mom about adopting me when I get all better, please email her and she'll
tell you how great I am!

I have crossed over due to complications, I am happy and healthy over the rainbow!



Angie was a cute little girl. She came to us from the Arizona Humane Society because she had a large tumor or ulcer of some sort. It was the size of a tennis ball. Angie was about 6 years young. She lived out her last
days with comfort and love from her foster family. She will be missed. Now she is tumor free at the Rainbow Bridge!



sweet annabelle. we are sorry you had to go...we will see you soon at the bridge. we love you.


If you are wondering Aponi means" butterfly" in native american. I came to Az chihuahua rescue as a owner turn in to the Az humane Society. They realized that they could not care for me properly so they made a hard decision. I was 7 years old and I was long hair Chihuahua and Papillion mix. I came to the rescue coughing and wheezing and just having a very hard time, so they took me to the vet where I was diagnosed with valley fever and congestive heart failure.

Sadly Aponi has passed on. We will take solace in knowing that he had a good home before going to the Rainbow Bridge.



Artie was a special little boy that was a 2 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix with beautiful green eyes. He was a very energetic.

Artie has a sad story. He came to us from an extremely overcrowded shelter in Southern California. He was adopted and returned to that shelter. He has been in two foster homes in our group because he is fearful. He will be forever in our hearts and hopefully he is romping it up with the other little dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.



Baby was a great little girl to foster. She came to me from a shelter out of Phoenix where her owners turned her in for being to old.

She was a mess when I got her and very under weight and had small cataracts but could still see some. She had a skin issue related to food allergies. She had most of her teeth pulled. She had deformed pads and toe nails. Per the vet it was from poor nutrition and genetics.

Once we got baby all cleared up and on the right food she had a good year and half with my family. She was a very happy grand old lady. Still liked to go for walks and car rides.

She did go blind but that still did not stop her from using the doggie door. She did go deaf but we worked it out and we all did just fine.

She is greatly missed in our home.



Such a sweet little girl that we will all miss! We were sad to hear of your passing today and we hope that you will be happy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP sweetie!



You have found your forever lap with the will not be forgotten. Your life with us has changed the world of rescue forever!



Mr. Beauregard came to me from Animal Control when he was 10 years old. The people were moving and didn�t want to take him. He was scared to death!!! Poor Beau Beau went from foster home to foster home, was adopted once but returned two weeks later because he got into a fight with the adoptive moms peke. So, week after week Mr. Beauregard would go to PetsMart to be adopted, and every week, he would come back home with me. My husband used to tell him, Thats okay Beau, if you don�t get adopted you can stay here. Well, I guess Beau Beau took that to heart and decided he was not leaving our house!!! There were times when people would come to meet him, and then he�d get nasty on them and turn around and bite them!! Not the way to get adopted Beau Beau!!

Well, Mr. Beau never did leave our house and so he became part of the family (not that he wasn�t already). Beau Beau stayed with us for three years. He could be a little grouchy at times, and only bit a couple of people over the three years. When people would come over he would bark and bark and act like he was going to tear them up and the next thing you knew, he was sitting in their lap!! He loved to go for walks. When I
would come home from work I would sit down on the couch and he would get on the back of the couch and lay behind me with his head resting on my shoulder.

Mr. Beau Beau passed away last month from congestive heart failure. I miss my Beau Beau and I can�t sit down on the couch without thinking of him. He will always be in my heart and I know he�s up there with his friend Trixie and with my husband, having a good time!!!








Sadly Benny has passed on. We will take solace in knowing that he had a good home before going to the Rainbow Bridge.



Betsie was a sweet little dog! Betsie came from a breeding situation, where she spent her entire 11 years before coming to stay in our care. Betsie seemed to be more trusting of those she doesn't know and is would ask to be picked up and loved by her foster mom all the time. We miss you Ms. Betsie!



We did not have Betsy for long. She came to us with massive mammory tumors.

We will take solace in knowing that she was in good hands and with loving hearts before going to the Rainbow Bridge.



May my loving little girl rest in peace. She was loved and cared for until the end.





Today we lost a precious little girl as she crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully in her foster mom's arms. Boosey was such a good girl and never had to be kenneled. She enjoyed laying in the sun and being a senior she was one of those sweet quiet dogs that wasn't any trouble. She was loved and will be missed. Rest in peace dear one; we love you!



AZCR didn't have Bowser very long. He came to us with severe head trauma and neurological issues. We take solace in knowing that sweet little Bowser was in amazing hands and loving hearts before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.



Brewster was about 7 yrs old. He was a sweet boy. When Brewster whined he sounded either like a lamb or a chick. Unfortunately this could have been from a botched debarking surgery.

Sadly Brewster has passed on. We will take solace in knowing that he had a good home before going to the Rainbow Bridge.



Yesterday I said goodbye to Bronco. It was one of the hardest things I've done, but I could not watch him suffer. I was used to seeing him be active and full of energy and attitude, so seeing him unable to walk anymore was just not ok.

Bronco came to me in June of 2008 from Payson, where he was on the e-list for aggression. I saw fairly quickly that he was just really afraid of most things. He also acted like he wanted to be alpha, but really was more comfortable when someone else was in charge. He learned that most things were ok, and that in our house and with us he was safe. He didn't really translate this to very many other people and places, so adoption didn't happen for him. That was ok though, I knew he was happy here and that was all that mattered. He had some dogs who were his best friends and a few others who he wanted to challenge daily. He loved to hike and travel with us and got super excited every time the leash came out. He enjoyed car rides and barking at the rear windshield wiper every time it rained.

I bought a soft toy with a sound box in it for another dog with no teeth. She didn't like the toy. He "adopted" this little stuffed cow and slept with it every night for the last five years. If we wanted his attention we just squeezed it and when he heard it moo, he came running. It was his baby and he loved it. It went with us to the vet and was under his paw when he left me. It sleeps with him now in a sunny spot on my property.
Bronco was not perfect. He did not like or trust many people. He was a little bully. He was my little bully and he loved and trusted me, and that was enough. I miss him more than I can say.

Goodbye Bronco Billy. Run now with Sweets and Missy, and know that I will see you again.



These two beautiful souls have crossed the rainbow bridge. they will be remembered forever.





Chelsea was a beautiful purebred chihuahua. Her coat was an unusual brown brindle on which everyone remarked. She had large expressive ears and big brown sad-looking eyes. Those eyes had seen so much; human neglect, a filthy, loud environment and litter after litter plucked from her side. She came to Arizona Chihuahua Rescue in March of 2008 from a Tucson puppy mill. Although she was only about 3 years old, her tiny four-pound body was worn from having so many litters.

Chelsea-Mama as we came to call her was absolutely "Mother of the Year" in her foster Mom's book. During the raid on the puppy mill, there were so many dogs and so many litters it was impossible to know which pup went with which Mom. Chelsea wound up with pups from three litters. She cared for each puppy exquisitely. Once, another Mom had an emergency hysterectomy and Chelsea cared for her pup too. At one point, this tiny, selfless dog had nine pups! She never left their sides until they were old enough see, eat, and walk around on her own. She had to be hand-fed supplements and lots of food to keep up her metabolism caring for such a large brood!

Chelsea even appeared with her pups on a Channel 3 news segment shown nationwide about the puppy mill. She was a real advocate for canine rights!

When Chelsea first came to my home, she was very frightened. She had not had human contact and had never lived inside a home. She was used to a barn and extreme temperatures. She shook with fear when a human came near her, but despite her fear, stayed close to her pups. Gradually, I was able to touch and pet her. When her pups were bigger, she started learning what it was like to be a pet; treats, love, a pretty pink collar and her very own dog bed. The first day she trusted
me enough to crawl up next to me on the couch for attention was very special.

Tragically, Chelsea died undergoing anesthesia for her spay. It is possible she was a puppy mill dog herself and had some underlying health condition about which we did not know. She will long be remembered as a dog who overcame much and still
was able to show and receive love. She will always be Mother of the Year to me.



Handsome Chico has crossed the rainbow bridge. He will be remembered forever. If anyone ever made a movie about "Grumpy Old Chis" Chico could have played the lead role. Except for his foster mom he "talked badly" to everyone and every other pet. In spite of his attitude there was something very lovable about him.



This little guy is about 10 yrs old according to animal control. He could be younger because he is in such bad shape it's hard to tell his true age. He is basically skin and bones right now so he is a little nippy when you handle him but that may be because of pain from malnutrition.

I think he has the potential to be a very nice dog when he is healthy. His right ear has several healed lacerations and tears and his left ear is either deformed or destroyed from fighting or abuse. He has some healed scarring on his nose and upper lip, right side. His hearing appears to be intact as he responds to sound. He also may have limited vision in his left eye. A true assessment is difficult at this time due to nutritional status. He has a broken right k-9 and is missing some of his front upper teeth. He is white with a very dull coat due to malnutrition. He is lethargic at this time with an unstable gait. He is urinating and has normal bowel movements, he takes water and food when offered. I believe he is dehydrated as his skin turger is very poor, however he is voiding pale yellow urine so his hydration is improving. He is an intact male as he is unable to be neutered at this time due to health issues. He received his first vacs and rabies 3-4-09.

I do not believe this dog will be adoptable for at least 30-45 days depending on how well he responds to treatment. However, he seems to be responding well at this time to feeding and medication.

Unfortunately this poor little soul could not make it past his problems. Now, he is safe and beautiful over at the Rainbow Bridge. God rest his little soul.



Sadly CiCi has passed on. We will take solace in knowing that she had a good home before going to the Rainbow Bridge.



We will never know about your previous life but despite it you were a happy and playful girl! We were all very sad to hear of your passing and we hope that you are playing and running at The Rainbow Bridge!


Sadly, Cindy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She will be forever happy there and we will see her again someday.

My name is Cindy (short for Cinderella) my foster mom said
she would make a princess out of me and now I feel like a princess. I was left in a cage outside Casa Grande Animal Control overnight and it was very scary. I was 24 lbs and could hardly stand up. Now I am down to a svelte 19 lbs and still losing weight. (See the before and after photos)

I am a 10 year old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix. My foster mom takes me for walks and swimming. I even have my own life jacket. We went to a pet rehabilitation specialist for a while but now we are doing fine alone. I love to be petted and I like
to sleep with my foster mom. I can use the stairs to get on and off the bed. I really don't ask for much and I am never pushy. I am ready to find my forever home with a family who will love me and keep me on a diet. Are you looking for a really sweet
girl in your life? As Mae West said, "Come on up and see me!!" I could be your new
family member.



Coco Bean was a sweet and beautiful dog who was not with the rescue long. It was a very sad day for all of us when we heard that she had passed away. RIP little one!





Handsome Cooper has crossed the rainbow bridge. He will be remembered forever. RIP Cooper! We will miss you!



Cowboy crossed the Rainbow bridge knowing Love. That I can assure you. He went knowing love, a home, respect and being wanted. In one week I fell in love with him. I tried so hard to help him, and in the end, I couldn't. The Doctors at Foothills were so kind, and had been checking on him with me. In the end he was seizing so bad that he was suffering and I couldn't let that continue. He was walking around, bumping into things, and didn't know where he was. They do not know what was wrong. His liver enzymes were high, so they think he had a liver stent or distemper, or even may have had rabies.

Goodbye Cowboy. You were with me physically for a week, but will be with me forever.




Craig was a sweet and loving 4 month old guy.

Whom loved everyone. He was a joy to foster and a real joy to love. Unfortunately god choose him to join him sooner than later. Craig crossed the rainbow bridge.

We love you little man and will miss you. Rest in peace little one.



Daisy came to stay almost three years ago, after being found living under a trailer in a makeshift trailer park. Her owner had gone into a facility and no one was available to take this adorable older girl. Daisy was the queen bee in her foster home and always had a lot to say to to her foster mom...after all, someone has to keep on top of things! Daisy had some pretty serious heart issues and those issues finally overcame her will to live. She finally asked to go over the Rainbow Bridge. Daisy, you will be missed; until we meet again...



Dakota was only 8 weeks old when God called him to come back home. Apparently He needed an adorable puppy by his side. Your mom, two sisters and foster family will miss you terribly. But now you can run free forever, and that is all we can ask for. I am just thankful that never had to know the conditions that your mom came from.



Meet Destiny. She is 2 years old. She came from a county shelter on the euthanasia list. She is the most adorable little red medium hair chihuahua who weighed a measly 4 pounds when she came to us. She was skin and bones, and you could feel every bone in her body. Someone left Destiny in a back yard after they moved out and she stayed there alone for three weeks in the cold, without food and without water before the neighbors found her and took her in the the shelter. Arizona Chihuahua Rescue came to pick her up and immediately knew something was wrong. She wouldn't eat, she barely had energy to walk and she was extremely lethargic. She went to the vet and they discovered during an X-Ray that she had fluid in her chest. They extracted 100cc's of fluid. She has been scheduled for an ultra sound which will take place on Feb 15, 2011. She is very sick, but still sweet enough to give her foster mom kisses after all of the neglect. If this story touches a nerve with you, please help her by donating to Arizona Chihuahua Rescue in care of Destiny. We will update you on the outcome for this little girl. Please send positive thoughts for her.

Update Feb 25, 2012-

Destiny is still with us and fighting for her life. She is still loosing weight and eats very little at a time. After an X-ray, and ultrasound, and lots of blood tests, our vet determined that her body had just shut down due to starvation. There was no underlying condition that would cause her to be sick. This is the worst part of this story that someone did this to her! And even though she was mistreated by her human, she is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! Destiny is a fighter, she has a lot of people pulling for her, but she still needs more positive thoughts and if you can donate anything to her care, please, please donate in care of Destiny. We are a 501c3 so everything you are able to give will be tax deductible!

Update May 05, 2012-

It is with a heavy heart to tell you that Destiny has passed over the rainbow bridge tonight. Our only solstice is that for the last months of her life she knew what love was. Thank you so much to her foster mommy Joyce and her Auntie Amiee whom did everything in their power to ensure that she was pain and care free. Destiny, you will be missed immensely by everyone how met you and heard your story.



RIP little one. This momma gave birth 3 pups, one was still born, one died a day later and the third one is with a surrogate mommy. She was unable to overcome the neglect she saw before she came to us. Your foster mom will always remember you!



Duffy was a beautiful dog. She came to AZ Chihuahua Rescue, from a local breeder whose health was failing.

Originally staying with another foster mom, Duffy came into my home several months ago, joining her other "relatives" Betsie and Polly.

Duffy was fighting a heart condition, but recently started losing the fight. Today she left this world and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Duffy is greatly missed, but she is now free and comfortable and healthy.

Linda M.



Duke is a 2 y/o, ll lb. Chihuahua mix.

He came to AZCR with hydrocehphalus (water on the brain), and had surgery to repair the condition. This left him with reduced sight (he is not blind) and a quiet, affectionate personality.

Duke unfortunently passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but before he did, he managed to touch several lives.

He is a true testament to the loving people who worked with Duke in hopes he would overcome his medical condition.

We love you Duke and we are happy you are now healthy on the other side, please visit in our dreams.



You were not with us long but you were much loved and will be missed! RIP sweetheart!



Fawna passed away 1/5/2009

She escaped from her new home in Kingman the day they brought her home. For three weeks, this brave girl sought shelter from the cold & predators; she scrounged for food, and managed to live her new strange life on the streets for 3 weeks.

Despite the attempts of her two foster homes driving the 3 hours up to Kingman on different days several times, she could not be found.

Fawna tried to make her way home when a car finally took her life.

Fawna�s Journey began in a puppy mill were she stayed a prisoner of greed and cruelty for years, never knowing what it was like to be loved. Finally, someone cared enough to save her and she made her way to Arizona into the home of a wonderful
foster named Linda who began the painful process of teaching Fawna how to be a dog. Fawna made great strides at Lindas with only one little fault and that was a jealousy over Lindas personal Chihuahua. So Fawna was moved into my home where I continued Lindas great work. I will not go into detail but here is the closing letter wrote to Fawna the day after passing:

My dearest Fawna,

You came into my home with fear and doubt in human kind. You trusted me not to hurt you and believed in me enough to allow me to crack through that shell of doubt and pain. Underneath I found a beautiful soul with kind eyes and I eventually saw a smile on your face.

How brave you were to do this. How happy you were to find out how wonderful a kind hand could be. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being one of the chosen to show you how loving the would could be.

I truly thought I have found your forever home and instead you were left cold and alone in a world so big and scary, I am so sorry. I really hope you thought of me because I thought of you every signal day.

I did go looking for you and hopefully for that short time I was close you could feel the love I felt for you. Hopefully I did not cause you pain through my own and if I did I am sorry.

I truly admire your will to live and will continue to regret not going up that last day to try just one more time for that I am sorry.

Fawna your journey was one of mostly downs. I pray that the short time you were with me it was filled with more happiness then you ever expected and you passed with those wonderful days in your heart.

You will not be forgotten Fawna and I will miss you so very very much.

Love forever,



Geoffrey passed away 1/1/2011

Geoffrey he Giraffe:
WE SADLY LOST OUR BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, ADORABLE RESCUE DOG, Geoffrey. We think he was part giraffe, and part Chihuahua, and all love! He danced and pranced and never stopped. He made us all laugh. His clumsiness made him so perfect. His legs were runway model legs. He was so sweet and so perfect, and we all loved him and he loved everybody. When he played with our other Chihuahua Piglet, he made the funniest sounds. He brought joy and laughter to our home

We are planting a flower garden, called the Geoffrey Garden. He was one of the sweetest dogs ever. The best gift of all, was having the gift of his love, and being able to love him back

We miss you and we love you Forever Geoffrey

Christy, Lane, Kaeley, Wendy and Bruce, Your adoring adoptive family

A note from Foster Mom:

When Geoffrey came in to the rescue I knew he was special. Besides being such a beautiful boy, he was also so full of life, there was not a day when he was in my care he did not make me smile. I allowed he him sleep in the bed and he would curl up so tight up next to me at bedtime. We had a connection.

The family he would go to would have to be very very special. I received so many applications, but turned them down because my little Geoffrey needed that special place. When his family emailed it was finally his turn to leave the nest and venture out in to a new chapter of his life.

It was so hard to let him go and the house was void of his fun-loving energy and still his. However, it was what I needed to do. After his adoption I would continually receive text pictures and Geoffrey updates, the family was happy and so was Geoffrey. This, of course, made me extremely happy.

To learn of his passing was a shock to me as to witness it had to be a absolute heartbreak to his family. I will never understand how this little clown, so energetic, so connected and so loving had to leave so soon. God must have thought he had fulfilled his destiny.

I love you Geoffrey and thank you for the joy you have giving me and I am sorry to his new family, it was not fair you had such a short time to enjoy him, Thank you for giving Geoffrey the home he deserved.



Ghita entered our rescue around March 2009 at an age somewhere between 8-10 yrs. She came from a puppy mill where she lived in a cage producing pups (and profit) for the mill owners. She must have done a good job as it was apparent that she had given birth to many litters. She had a large abcess on the outside of her muzzle caused from her extensively rotted teeth, most of which were then extracted by our vet. X rays revealed two collapsed discs, a malformed spine and an enlarged heart, none of which caused her pain.

Ghita spent the first 10 months in our rescue between two different foster homes. She came to live with me in January 2010. It was obvious that she was frightened of me at first - when I attempted to pick her up she would flatten herself and freeze, her heart beating a mile a minute. She was not a runner, she just tried to make herself as small as possible and froze. She was comfortable with the other dogs in my home and I believe they made her transition easier. Slowly, very slowly she became more comfortable with me and tolerated my touch without flattening or freezing. It seemed that in her last year or so she even came to find a bit of comfort from the human touch.

After a couple of months here she learned to use the doggie steps to get up on my recliner, which she promptly claimed as her own :) Seriously, it became her spot and neither I nor the other dogs tried to usurp her place in that chair. We figured she deserved to have something special of her own, this little puppy mill lady who had never had anything to call hers. She never developed any interest in toys, not to play with or even snuggle. Same thing with nylabones, but then, she really didn't have many teeth left. I tried the soft rubbery kind, but no dice.

In addition to HER recliner she loved being outside in the backyard....sniffing, trotting, sunbathing. She was like a kid with a toy, the backyard being her toy. The freedom to run, well....trot was a great enjoyment for her. Inside the house she plodded about with her head slung low, but when outside her head came up, her ears perked, her pace quickened and it was easy to see she felt alive and free.

Sometime in Nov 2010 the vet noticed she had cataracts in both eyes. She still had sight at that time and really didn't seem to be too affected. By Jan 2011 she had lost all sight in one eye. By July 2011 she had lost all sight in both eyes. I'm sure she was somewhat depressed as she lost interest in everything except eating and sleeping. It took her a year or so to adjust to her loss of sight and begin to explore new ways to enjoy life again. She regained some of her backyard enthusiasm, and even learned that if she staked out a clear area and then trotted around in a wide circle within that area she wouldn't run into an obstacle.

In all her time with me I never heard her bark. She would often become frustrated when she couldn't get her blankie into the precise position that she desired, and she would "fuss" at the blankie. But she always persevered until she got it right where she wanted it.

She was a calm and quiet little presence in my home and my heart. She had a good four years with us - good vet care, soft warm bed, plenty of food, loving hands and voice. When it came time to help her to the bridge I was honored to be able to assist her, and comforted to know that she was going to a place where she would be whole and much happier than this life had allowed her to be.

Thank you little Ghita for sharing your life with us. God speed to your true bliss. Go run in that meadow by the bridge to your hearts content!


RIP Gidget at the Rainbow Bridge with your best friend Boosey there waiting to greet you and play and snuggle with you once again!

Gidget on PhotoPeach



He was a sanctuary dog that came to me along with his friend PeeWee. They were rescued by dachshund rescue from a hoarder that was evicted. Since the two chis were so old, the hoarders were going to turn them out
into the desert. I was just going to transport them, but somehow, PeeWee found his forever home with Joyce and Grizzly stayed. I think after a careful inspection,he found the beds soft, the larder full and the staff adequate.

When I got him, he was only as wide as his spine. His teeth were so rotted that he had holes in his gums where they used to be. He wouldn't eat. I took him to the vet and found he had pancreatitis. I found a food at the local feed store he would eat if I mashed it up.

Slowly he regained his appetite and gained weight. His hair went from a dry, orange color with bald spots to a soft, thick reddish brown. He loved sleeping on his dog bed in a spot of sunshine. When he was annoyed (which was often), he would put his ears back like a cat. He pretended like he didn't like to be picked up and held, but I think secretly he enjoyed it. When the puppies annoyed him or it was bathtime he would "bite"(he had no teeth). He was a grumpy old man, but I caught him actually running, wagging his tail and playing with the other dogs when he thought no one was looking.

We loved him and he loved us back in his own way.

It was a joy to see him regain his health and learn that not all humans are bad. Though we knew he had a bad heart we wish he could have stayed longer.



What do you say to a little guy who is from a puppy mill. A little guy so scared of everything even his own shadow. So scared he made everyone and everything his enemy. He was never given a chance, discarded from the mill as of not quality and unwanted right there from the beginning.

But my kids and I got to know Hermes. To us he was a trooper, a fighter, but deep down inside we thought there was a side of hope, so we thought.

In the 3 1/2 months my kids and I fostered him, we learned that time, space and patience was what he needed. Unfortunately time could not be long enough, Hermes's strong will, lack of love, attention, a kind heart and hand just came to late. His over whelming life of a mill dog could not change his heart. To him life was always going to be a battle. And his strong will was not going to change. But do not feel sorry for him or think less of him. He learned to be a dog by learning to play with the other fosters, he loved to play with toys, I remember the first time we gave them to him, he thought what do I do with this, then within hours that was the greatest. He loved carrots. And did accept the kids and me as part of the clan though we could not be too close to him, he was always happy to see us. And he sure knew that 6am meant breakfast time and soon became our alarm clock.

So even though he learned to accept some things, he just had way too much more to overcome so our beloved Hermes was put at ease.

He now can live a life he deserves over the rainbow bridge A life of love and hope and fun. And I do so hope he meets me at that bridge when the time comes for me to cross that happy-go-lucky bridge. For I hold my head high and proud to call him my family.

Rest in Peace our beloved Hermes. We will always carry you in our hearts and will always love you so.

Jenn, Brittany and Dakota



I was going down to doggie heaven when my foster mom put the breaks on me being euthanized. I had rescues pass me up because I was sickly looking and a little older than most. However, this WONDERFUL organization here took me in with open arms and the kicker is I was not a Chihuahua !!!! I was a red Miniature Pincher.

I have a story and most likely a heartbreaking one but since I can't talk, I cannot tell it. But my body condition pretty much said it all. It appeared that I was bred again & again & again, and possibly kept crated most of my life.

I had the typical signs of a breeder. My front foot had been snapped once and never taken care of so it healed very crooked and the main pad underneath that same foot had been torn off as well as the dew claw. Boy I am pretty sure that hurt. I also had a pretty saggy belly.

I was a deaf girl but I got along just fine without any special gadgets. My foster mom & dad can tell you they LOVED & ADORED me, and they appreciated what I had to offer and found out that despite my past I was very loving & grateful for the TRUE second chance that they had given me.



Sweet little Honey has crossed the rainbow bridge. She will be remembered forever.



These little ones were not with us long. But we will sure to see them someday at The Rainbow Bridge.



James came to us on Dec 31st and he had some issues with his legs. He was a sweet older guy who was about 10+. He went in for surgery to assist with his issues and sadly he did not recover from his surgery Friday and crossed the rainbow bridge at 2:30 this morning. He did not seem to be in pain and his foster mom spent most of the day holding him and giving him water with a dropper which he drank readily. He just let out a couple little cries and then passed away. RIP little guy may you run free on the Rainbow Bridge.



Today is a sad day for us. Our little Jewel passed over the rainbow bridge. She was picked up on the street at about 4 weeks old in 2008 and was a very sick little girl.

She suffered all of her life until the last 13 months with demodex mange but was always a lovable, tough little girl.

Several days ago she stopped eating except for soft foods from the hand. This morning Dr. Capwell anesthetized her to diagnose the problem and found a large tumor in her throat. It was possibly operable but even if she survived it would have meant a feeding tube for the rest of her life. She is now in a better place.

Rest in peace little girl. We loved you to the end.



My Dearest Katie,

I just wanted you to know that in the short 8 months we had you, we loved you for a lifetime. You were my little sweetheart & I will never forget how you laid your tiny head on my chest whenever I held you or how you danced circles each time I came home from work. You shared your time with me & I shared my love with you. My only consolation is that you are now free from pain & free from all of life's inequities.

I miss you so much & pray for the day I will see you again.

Love & Hugs,




Sweet, sweet Kip has crossed the rainbow bridge.

he will be in our hearts forever.



Kiwi was only with us for a week. She was so neglected and just could not overcome. She spent her last week with the comfort of shelter, love and lots of food!!!







My name was Lil Mouse but my foster moms called me Little Bit because I only weighed about 5 pounds. I had a back injury when the rescue got me from Yuma. I also had seizures from time to time. My day started from 6:30 to 7:30 am and my foster took me outside to do my morning business (if I hadn’t already done it on the potty pad). Then she let me run around the house while she fixed breakfast for my 2 foster sisters and I. I loved to run and run and run. I didn’t run into to many things even though my sight was not very good. My foster mom said I could see shadows and rarely bumped into things, no matter how fast I was running through the house. She laughed at me when I am running because I was so happy to explore. After breakfast and my morning medicine and some more running, I finally ‘run down’ and so my mom would put me in my bed in a pen and cover me up and I went to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up again, she took me back outside just in case I needed to go potty again. I liked to be held and wrapped in a blanket and cuddled by my mom or anyone who wanted to hold and cuddle me. Before I went to bed, I took my medicine again and snuggle down to sleep for the night. I wasnt a high maintenance little girl but I did need more care and love than some other dogs. When I got to know someone, I did like to give kisses because I was grateful to be taken care. I wore my collar with bells so my foster moms knew where I was most of the time, unless I found a quiet corner and fell asleep. I did’t mind my tee shirts as they helped to keep me warm.
I was a total sweetheart and my foster moms miss me so very much. Rest in peace sweet lil mouse.


It is with much sadness that I type about the passing of my dear little dog Lilly (Pad).

We rescued Lilly from an animal shelter in December 2009 & when I first looked into her eyes, I could honestly feel how lost she was. Her only saving grace were the 4 other dogs who were dropped off at the shelter with her by the same careless owner who abandoned them when their "breeding" days were over.

Lilly was "estimated" at being 9 years old but judging by her movements & lack of teeth - most had just fallen out from being so rotten - I estimated her to be 13 or possibly older. A lifetime of litters and later the harshness of living outdoors had just left her little body battled & broken.

We only had Lilly for a short 6 months but in that time, she became a fan of home cooking, a clean warm bed, nice gentle baths & constant hugs & kisses. Lilly (along with her "sister" Tilly Jo) was my first senior foster dog & I can only say that I wish I had another 13 years with her. What I gave her in that short amount of time hopefully made up for part of what she had to endure in her lifetime.

Rest in peace my lovely Lilly until I see you again. I will always remember your beautiful cream colored coat, your quiet, guarded nature & your love of my cooking, even when you could no longer walk - you always made sure you finished your plate :)

Vaya Con Dios




RIP sweet, little one....we will miss you! We wish your time with us would have been longer but know that we loved you much during your short time with us.



Even though beautiful Lola never had the opportunity to overcome her neglect and bear her babies, she deserves to be remembered and not just discarded. She had already passed, when the rescue picked her up, but an attempt was made to save any possible living pup(s). This was not meant to be.

Lola, I am so sorry we were not called in time.

Now you can run free, without further suffering.



Lulu- I will miss you so! You were the best little girl. At least I knew the last year and a half of your life was spent with you being my little princess. RIP Lu.



Maggie May A.K.A. Maggie Shaggy Bottoms A.K.A. Chewbacca came to us around two years ago. I got a call from Barb at the AZ Chihuahua Rescue and was asked if I could pick up this little old lady Chihuahua at the pound. She had been found wandering the streets of Phoenix. Maggie was on the e-list and would be put down if the rescue didn�t come get her. When I picked her up she was a scruffy looking little thing covered in mats and poo and smelled to high heaven, so in the tub she went as soon as we got home. I used lots and lots of shampoo. She was not happy about the bath or the hair cut but we both felt better when it was over. And man did she smell better. After a vet appointment determining that she was pretty much old as dirt, had to have most of her teeth extracted, and didn�t see very well, my husband and I decided to keep her. �)

Maggie was a funny girl that liked to keep mostly to her self. As our house guests discovered, she had commandeered the spare room as her own and would �allow� our house guests to share it with her. She would then cough and sputter about the room at night reminding all that she was being put out.

Maggie loved to be outside she would roll around in the grass and when you went to bring her in she would run ahead of you with her tongue hanging out and tail spinning in a windmill circle.

She was a loud requester of breakfast and dinner and this is when you would hear her bark and she stated her demands very strongly.

Maggie was not a lap dog. She was not very social. She did not come running in excitement when you came home, but she was sweet and always ready to give you a lick on the hand in return for a scruff on the neck. She had a calm, pleasant and funny way about her and we loved her and we will miss her very much.



RIP sweet, little one....we will miss you!



My foster mom named me Marta, but I was a little confused. She keeps calling me "chunk-a-bunch"! I guess she kinda likes me, since she gave me a nickname already! I am an older, obese chihuahua mix. My foster mom was told I am ten years old, but she thinks I am younger. I have a VERY dense, plushy coat. Wherever I go, my new person will have to keep on top of the brushing! Even with all of the extra weight I am carrying, I can get around fine and even hop up onto a cushy chair for a nap. I don't really have much to do with the other dogs, but if they pick on me, I will protect myself. A lot of my bravado is just that, I have very few teeth left! My foster mom feeds me dry "lite" food with some warm water on it. I can eat that just fine. I need to lose a lot of this weight and also need to get spayed. After that, I won't be a "chunk-a-bunch", but I am hoping to be your bestest friend!

Marta sadly passed in the fall of 2011. She will be forever remembered as our little chunk a bunch.



Missy was my first foster and she came from a breeder, who decided that she was too old to have puppies anymore, she was 9 years old. She was a little shy at first and then she found her personality. She had been debarked but she had a way of letting you know exactly what she wanted. Missy bonded to me and would stiffen and panic if anyone else tried to pick her up or take her away from me. We decided that she would be a sanctuary dog and just stay with me. I had Missy for 2 years when she developed a severe heart condition. She struggled for a month but could not overcome the condition. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2008. She will always be missed but I know we will meet at the bridge.



This is a little girl that came to us and we only had her for a couple of days, before she had to be euthanized, due to extreme paralysis to her back section.

We wish we had more time with sweet Monica, but now she is running free!



Mr. Chips passed over the rainbow bridge on June 13, 2012...
They called me Mr Chips and I was an adorable black and white and tan tri smooth coat Chihuahua (born 3/12/2007). My owner had to give me up due to allergies, she tried to keep me.

I did skip and hop on one back leg do to being dropped as a young pup. I saw the vet and he stated no surgery was required.
I was always easy to give baths to and super easy to cut my nails. I did't even mind ear washs!
I was carried most of my life so I was still learning to walk on a harness and leash.
I was crate trained and loved my bed to be in a crate with blankets. I was GREAT with everyone and even other small dogs. I did like to play with soft toys by myself. I had a super little funny personality.

Mr. Chips is ALREADY missed - we hope you rest in peace little man.



I knew you had a bad life before you came to us, but at least I know for the time I had you, you were my little prince and wanted for nothing. RIP Oso, you will be missed terribly!



I was very sad to hear of your passing today and I wish I could have met you. I know that your foster mom took good care of you and showed you a lot of love and comfort in your last few months with the rescue.

May you rest in peace, sweet one!



Patch aka Patch a de poo passed away during the night. He had been failing fast for about a week. Patch was a little ole man. He came with a group of dogs some years back. We had a call from an agency in Yavapai county asking for our help with several dogs in a hoarding situation. The situation was deplorable.

At that time we asked two other rescues to help and another rescue took Patches. They had him for a year and no one showed any interest In adopting him. He would just sleep during adoptions. They asked if we could take him so I did. Took him to Dr. CArr for an exam and Patch was hydrocephalic. In my opinion, he was also depressed. Patch was just here, he never made waves, never barked, never growled, liked to be held but did not know about giving kisses. The prior foster home never heard him bark.

Well, one day he discovered our goats and he barked. Every day he would go out to the back fence and bark and play with the goats. He was so funny. His relationship with the goats opened him up to relationships with my family and he became very loving.

I don't know how many years he was with us but no one ever asked about adopting him. When I had taken him to events he would just curl up and sleep.

He found lots of love here and responded to it. This week he really enjoyed tucking his head under my chin for love and we had some memorable "talks"

RIP Patch a de poo







My beloved PeeWee crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He had come into the rescue from a hoarders house a little more than 3 years ago. He was only 3 lbs, almost hairless and had lost most of his bottom jaw. He quickly became my Velcro dog and was my first foster adoption (not a failure) It didn�t take long for him to put weight on and get some hair back. He just needed someone to feed him with a spoon. He was a joy to be around and loved to �dress-up� I can just see him in his Rolling Stones tee shirt and overalls. Helens favorite was his underdog tee shirt, complete with cape. He could always make me laugh. He had a good life for the time he was with me and he gave me all the love he had. To say he will be missed is just an understatement. I know he will be waiting at the bridge for me, with my other dogs that have gone before.



Hi there, My name is PeeWee. I was found wandering the streets by a nice police officer. He took me to a local animal hospital who took me to AHS. My left front leg was broken at some time and never fixed. Now its kind of crooked so I walk kind of funny. My foster Mom says we have to watch my foot to see if gets sores then I might need my leg removed. I show my foster Mom everyday how fast I can move with my funny leg so I'm OK for now. The doctor also says I have something called a heart murmur which is grade 3. So I have to take it easy and not get too excited but I do play with my four legged brothers and sisters for awhile then I take a nap.

I am now using all four legs and running as fast as I can over that beautiful Rainbow Bridge...

I am a happy boy



Dear Peggy Sue,
When you came to us, you were sad, alone and confused and very much neglected. We took you in and gave you love and affection and treated medically. Hoping we could help you. But it was just not enough.

Now your spirit will rest in peace. An your two daughters Miss Muffet and Thumbellina will have you to guide them in the happy meadow. And Bo Peep will carry on your legacy.

Never think that I did not love you for words could not dEscribe how much i did love you. I would have moved heaven and earth if that would of helped. You brought something special to my heart as do all my fosters.

Remember to guide me from time to time for there are times I will need it, to help me guide my fosters who will come and go.

I love you my little angel. Rest in peace little one.
Love always your Mom (Jenn)



Pepper, you live on in our hearts. We love you!



Phantom came to Arizona from Texas, with a carload of other suddenly homeless dogs. He was an older guy who had some medical problems related to his age. He lived his remaining days with good food, a yard to explore, a lap in which to curl up and lots of love. This handsome dog is sorely missed, but is now free of pain.



Phinneas came to us from the Yuma Humane Society. He had bad Valley Fever. He was starting to turn around but could not overcome the disease. Our dear little phinneas passed away on 1/24/08.



Phyliss was the most patient, kind and sweetest dog anyone could have asked for. When we met her at the rescue event we knew we had to take her home when we bent down to say hello to her and she jumped in my husband’s lap. She was a sweet baby who loved to chase tennis balls and was even known to play soccer from time to time. She loved squeaking her toys and had a knack for starting to squeak right as we started watching a movie or tv show. She will be forever in our hearts. It was a privilege to have her in our lives for eleven years.



Pierre, is a wonderful little guy. He was very lovable, he liked to be held and snuggled. His life was cut short unjustifiably. RIP little one...



RIP sweet, little one....we will miss you!





Our sweet little deaf girl Mary crossed The Rainbow Bridge. She had cancer that was very advanced. I will miss my little shadow. What seems the saddest to me is she could not hear me whisper good bye or tell her how much she was loved.



It is with great sorrow that I share that our wonderful dog "Punkin, aka Padunk-a-dunk, aka Dunkin donuts, aka Fergielicous" passed away this morning.

She was a wonderful dog that came to us later in her life and having already endured lifes harder side....

These are pictures to you can see how much she LOVED life and smiled to show just how much.

She was a dog that enjoyed the simple pleasures and taught us all to walk a little more slowly so you could enjoy the ride......

god bless her soul in heaven.



Raina came to us from county with quite a bit of medical needs. Although we tried to help her and provided her with love, this little one was just too tired to fight it and is now at the Rainbow Bridge. May you find much comfort and joy there!



With Heavy hearts, we regret to have to tell you that Rajah has passed away. He contracted the parvo virus and couldn't pull through.

We will always have a huge place in our hearts for this little guy.



Thru the years I have written many of these and it never gets easier. We lost Rookie last week and not sure why. He had seen the vet twice in the two weeks prior to his passing and the vet ran a lot of tests but nothing conclusive. He was 17 so maybe he was just tired. He lost his one eye about a year ago but it never slowed him down. He came to us from Yuma several years ago. Owner turn in because they had too many pets.

Rook was not good with other males and usually growled and fought with Gavin who also would like to be the only male. Age never slowed down the growls.

He never showed well at adoption events so I quit taking him. Rook was barking at everyone who came near him and snapping.

He was a mama’s boy and as soon as I would head for my recliner he was ready to jump on my lap and go to sleep. He gave lots of love to my family.

His belly had bloated yet no reason showed up for it on xrays. His white count was elevated and rising despite a 10 day course of Clavamox. Valley fever, tick fever, etc were all negative. No infection showed in his urine. Leukemia was ruled out. He had started falling over unconscious for a minute or so. At first it happened once a week, then escalated and the day he passed he had 3 of these episodes and finally had a big one that left him breathing but unresponsive. He died shortly thereafter. The vet was ready to order an ultra sound because while the stethoscope detected nothing wrong with his heart we were wondering if there was a heart issue. We will never know what took him and it does not matter.

I miss him





Tiny Rosie was not with us long. But she was loved and in good care while she was. She will be missed. See you at the Rainbow Bridge, Rosie!



Roxann (formerly known as Roxi), came to AZCR with heartworms and after a successful treatment completely recovered! Our little Roxann was probably a Chihuahua/Doxie mix and was very sweet. She got along well with the other dogs and seemed to enjoy their company. Roxann has had a rough past. She was found in a home in Texas with 7 other dogs who were trying to care for themselves. Their owner had died and was not discovered for several days. So this little Texas girl was transported to and transplanted in Arizona. She tested positive for heartworm and underwent the prescribed treatment. Because the disease caused heart damage she was prescrived Enalapril and had to remain on it for the rest of her life.

Roxann was not very tusting of people. When she first came to us she could not even be touched-she would run if anyone came near. With time, she learned to trust a little. In spite of her fear, she would slowly creep over to me and let me pet her
- and she would give tiny licks to my hand. It is obvious that she wanted to trust and be loved.

She is already missed. RIP sweet Roxann



April 2003-Dec 11th, 2008
Today My first foster whom I adopted had to be put to sleep. He had cancer and in the last week it progressed extremely fast. The pain was to great so today the kids and I along with Brittany's boyfriend and Linda M, we all held him until her crossed the rainbow bridge.

For those of you who did not know Scruffy, he did not get his name from cute and scruffy. He got it cause he would scruff with the best.He was one of a kind kinda a guy one minute he would love ya to death the next try to eat ya,that would go for
the other dogs too. But we saw something and adopted him. His best bud was Captain Jack our pug whom when we went to leave would not go in the house he knew and fought his hardest to go to but we made him go in the house. Jack and Scruffy would play for hours at the dog park when we would get to go. Scruffy loved laying in the sun to bathe he did not care that it was 111 degrees outside he would fight all the way not to go in. He never liked any part of his body but the top of his back touched and if you tried to he would get ya. And well he went out with a bang too took us almost an hour just to sedate him. Scruffy came to Az Chihuahua rescue as a owner turn in, they found him a year ago but when they moved they could not take him so his first foster was Bunny and Mike and well they just could not tolerate his issues, actually he was too big for there home so Barb asked me if I would try him as my first foster. We got to love and cherish him for 2 1/2 years. He was our pistol but we sure loved and are going to miss him dearly.

Our way if loving him was to say hey we love you, ya grumpy Scruffles, but we are ending your suffering. Guide us to be strong for the other dogs that come into are life. And I hope you have a blast cross that rainbow bridge, but behave. We love you Scruffenator.

Love, Mom (Jenn), Brittany, Dakota, Captain Jack, Ava, Rhonda, Rocky, Sweetpea, (she will miss you barking at her) Desert and Storm.



RIP Sweet Selena! You will be greatly missed by your mom and dad!



Sissi was a sweet and loving girl who was friendly with everyone and loved to give kisses.

We will take solace in knowing that she was in good hands and with loving hearts before going to the Rainbow Bridge. We will all miss you!



Our foster, Skittles, was laid to rest (8/24/2012).

Skittles came to us 11/09 at 3 lbs bald and her nails grown under into her pads. She came from MCACC. She was picked up and brought to us. Shortly after we had her I sent her to Phx to see a specialist. Skittles had a inoperable brain tumor. She was a blue fawn so we had to change her diet and most of her hair came back. She also had thyroid issues. Her tumor laid dormant until recently. It was so hard to watch what she was going thru, she hurts no more.

She had a good life with us and she weighed 6 lbs and she knew she was loved.

RIP my little loved one, you will be greatly missed.
intake date 11/09 - 8/24/12





Special came to us with terrible injuries and we don't know where they came from.

Even though he was in a lot of pain and was suffering, he was still a very sweet boy and we knew that he was Special.

May you now be running healthy and free at the Rainbow Bridge Special little boy!



Rest in peace. She was loved and cared for until the end.




Sweetness has not had a good life the last few years. We are not even sure how old she is but the vet says she is over 10. He just pulled 17 of her teeth as they were very rotten. What we do know is that her prior
owner had to go to a care center a few years ago, then a relative had her until the relative became ill and then she went to some people who were trying to help out but did not want a dog. She was very thin and acted depressed when we got her. Now she is looking and acting much better. Sweetness lives up to her name.

The last 3 days she no longer ate and could not stand anymore. She had a wonderful Christmas and last day. She laid by the fire all day and we loved her.



Sweets came to AZCR in February of 2008 from a very neglectful home where she had spent the better part of a year locked in a room. She was malnourished and suffering from tick fever. She came to join my family on March 1st, 2008. She was only my second foster and came to us weighing in at about 3 lbs. I could see every bone in her little body. In her eyes I saw a little girl who was badly bruised but not broken. Little did we know, her fight was just beginning, and the damage to her body was extensive. Despite the suffering she endured at the hands of humans, she wanted nothing more than to be around us all the time. She lived up to the name Sweets (or Sweetie Muffin, Sweet Pea, Sweet Baby, and Sweetie Girl as we often interchanged).

In the first few months we nearly lost her several times and she was hospitalized twice. One time in the hospital I went in back while they were treating her and she was so weak she couldn�t move, but she managed to wag her tail just a little when she saw me. That day I decided that if she was going to fight to survive, I would fight with her because she deserved the chance to live a happy life, even if it was to be a short one. We had many ups and downs together and I think Sweets took comfort in the fact that we were together. So, one step at a time we helped her recover. At one point I used a sheet and papoosed her to my body and we spent all my home hours with her touching me. The road was long, but eventually Sweets weighed 6 lbs and was done with the tick fever treatment. Shortly after this we learned she had valley fever and the recovery process started again. Every time she bounced back from the various illnesses she suffered I believed it was because she wasn�t finished enjoying the little things in life she didn�t have before like laps, clean beds, food, friends, and most of all sunshine. She loved the sun, and would be happy just to sit in the sun and have a nice breeze over her all day.

For two years I did everything I could to provide her all the things that made her happy and she fought hard to stay with us and enjoy them. We traveled together, played together, snuggled together, and generally enjoyed each other � she even saw Chicago, and the Grand Canyon, and Santa Fe. In recent weeks she started to slow down. In my head I was preparing myself for what was to come, but I now know that preparing my heart was impossible (she was my bounce-back queen, surely she would bounce back again).

Though she was ready to let go of the fight and leave us behind, we were not ready to see her go. I comfort myself in the idea that she felt that she had shared enough good things in life that she no longer needed to fight to stay here.
Now she is free to run and play and be in the sun all the time. No more fighting, no more pain, no more fear. My tears are for my loss and my pain � I know she is past that now. So, goodbye my Sweetie Muffin, we�ll see you at the bridge.



Sweet baby Tallulah has crossed the rainbow bridge. She was 12 years old and lived her life out as a sanctuary dog on her foster mother’s pillow. She was very independent. She was content to eat, sleep and be pampered.





Tink (aka Tinkerbell) was the smallest of Willows puppies. Unfortunately, little Tink has passed to the Rainbow Bridge. She will always be remembered for her fearlessness for being so tiny. She was as cute as a bugs ear.


Tiny came to our rescue as a sanctuary dog at 19 years old. She was turned into the shelter to be euthanized because she was old and her family was moving. She was rescued by her foster mom in Tucson who loved and provided her with much TLC until her last days. She will be greatly missed!



Tiny and Jose have been together since they were quite young. They "worked" for a breeder and produced pups for sale. When they got too old to be "productive" they came to us. They do not have to be together. Jose is sanctuary because he is 13 yrs old. His health appears good. He loves to be loved and gets along nicely with others. Tiny is 10 yrs old and has had a hard adjustment being in a family with other dogs. She likes to be the boss. Tiny is a little high strung and sometimes over reacts. While Jose will accept affectionate from everyone in the foster home, Tiny only wants mom. She will snap at anyone who comes near when she is on mom's lap. Neither dog appears to have any health issues.



You will be missed and always remembered.





Toto AKA Bubbas AKA Lil Man
We will never know the true cause of your pain before you came to our rescue. I wish I could have helped you more and sincerely miss you with all my heart. I hope the rainbow bridge brings you to a place of peace. I will always remember you smothering me with kisses every morning and greeting me when I got home everyday with a wagging tail and hugs galore.

you were smart
you were handsome
and you had so much courage

You will forever have a place in my heart...



Our dear foster Tresure crossed over the rainbow bridge where she can run and jump and be young again.
This little old lady brought more joy to her foster mom and dad than you can ever know. She has left a hole in our hearts and we are going to miss her very very much.
We love you Treasure!



Trinket You will be missed



RIP sweet, little one. You were not with us for very long but we will always remember you.





In October of 2008, Joyce, Brett
(my youngest son) and I headed to Oklahoma for our first dog auction. In a large barn were many wire crates, piled 3 and 4 high containing over 400 dogs who were from commercial breeders (aka puppy mills). About 1/2 had no water, none had food, some were obviously ill or injured. In one of those cages was Xanadu. We came home with 32 chis jammed in my Xterra. Don't remember what we bid on him but I think we figured the average for all the dogs was something like $12 each. Their services were no longer needed by the breeders and the doggy brokers had passed them up. Often the dogs not bid on are drowned, shot, dumped, or ?????? It is horrible.

Anyhow Xanny and Perdy still remained with my family after all these months. Neither would bite but neither wanted to be touched. We watched as slowly they learned how to be dogs. Go out to play. Pick up a toy and claim it as their own. Xanny always had a sadness about him. When he got neutered he got a dental at the same time and came home with no teeth. His little tongue usually hung down from the side of his mouth.

Xanny was a red, long hair and I am sure he sired many good looking pups.

I wanted him to learn about human love and that it was a good thing to let a human hold you. This past week I think he learned it.

He seemed to get so sick so quickly. I guess that tick fever can cause a sudden crash and that is what happened. A week ago I thought he would not survive the weekend, but he did. He got a transfusion for a beautiful lab. Slowly over the week, his platelets increased and his hematocrit rose. He started eating and then he went from having no fight in him to trying to resist us holding him. Last night he ate well.

This morning I saw him standing in the play yard looking out so went over to chat with him and pet his head. He let me scratch his neck. About an hour later when Corrine went to get him for his morning snack and meds, he was curled up on the floor and was gone. He went peacefully. We had these plans of taking advantage of him as he recovered and getting him ready for his own forever family. Maybe that was not what he wanted. Maybe we met his needs and he did learn that humans loved him enough to go many extra miles to care for him when he was ill.

We will surely miss him but are so glad that he passed in a home where he was cared about. Xanadu would have been 8 in June.

Dr. Jake examined his little body and noted he was a little yellow and there was some indication of internal bleeding. Dr. Carr answered my text and said it could have been a blood clot as sometimes that happens after a transfusion.

Whatever took him I know he is peaceful. Love you little guy.




Yoki had so much love to give but he was just so scared. We love him and know that he is finally at peace. We will remember him forever. Yoki....we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and give you all the love we had
for you in this lifetime and them some.

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