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These are our sanctuary dogs. We have made a commitment to them to care for and give them a quality lifestyle for their remaining days. They reside with us in our homes receiving love, care and medical attention when appropriate.
They are considered 'sanctuary' dogs due to health, emotional and/or age issues. They are dogs who could in fact be adopted by a committed, realistic and willing adopter. If you think you may be one of those very special people who has room in their hearts for one of these very special dogs please contact us either by telephone @480-844-2447 or by email at the link provided on our contact page.


If your situation is such that you cannot provide a home for one of these little dogs but wish to assist in their care why not become one of our Sanctuary Angels. For those 'angels' who wish to donate to the continuing care of the dogs on this page there are two easy ways to do so:

Write a check payable to Arizona Chihuahua Rescue and mail to PO Box 52713, Mesa, AZ 85208. Please indicate on memo line that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.


Go to the Paypal link and indicate in the description field that your donation is for a Sanctuary dog.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donation should be tax deductible.

Thank you on behalf of the four legged 'kids' in our care.


Meet Axel!

Axel is a 6lb dude born around 2006, he came in from county last year with a URI, cough, and a bad eye. We have been able to cure everything but turns out the cough is chronic. He has chronic bronchitis and requires daily meds to keep his coughing minimal. He is the most loving and sweet little guy. He loves breakfast so he will wake you up early, but its ok, because he needs his meds too. Which he easily takes in a pill pocket. He is otherwise a quiet dude, with minimal vision. He just enjoys relaxing in a quiet area of the house. I have him listed as a sanctuary dog because I would only feel comfortable letting him go to a furever home who will make the commitment to make sure he gets his meds on time and get him to a vet routinely. He would love a quiet home with or without other senior dogs
His vaccines are current, he is microchipped and neutered.

Please email Angela ( for information about Axel.

Chachi aka Julie

Chachi was rescued from Yuma and is approx. 2 years old. She is a shy girl and can be very skittish.

Th little girl is not adoptable as she has a long history of biting and has health issues.


**A special needs dog can range anywhere from the elderly or injured in need of daily medication to the disabled requiring special restrictions and to the socially challenged in need of a patient and experienced owner.

The dogs here have a second chance at life because of Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. We believe EVERY dog has an owner out there who will love them, care for them and accept them just the way they are.

Please, when looking at these wonderful dogs, be sure to read their bio in depth to see if you have the time, patience and know-how to take them into your home.**

Gianna is about 5 1/2 pounds and is approximately 7 years old. She uses the doggy door to go potty. Gianna does not kennel, but will sleep in a doggy bed near you or in bed with you.

She will need to either be an only dog, or in a home with a dog her size or smaller. She will need to be in an adult only home.

Gianna has elevated liver enzyme. At this time, she needs to be on a special diet and will need blood work done bi-annually. She also has a herniated disc. She is doing well right now being on medication for this, but needs to be watched carefully for any sign that she is suffering from a reoccurring herniated disc. She is spayed micro chipped and vaccinated.

For more information contact Sindy (at on how to adopt Gianna.


Molly is a sweet girl who weights 11lbs. Her date of birth is 6/20/12. She is very shy but she is looking for her forever home. Could that be you?

Please email BJ
( for more information about Molly.

SKIPPY (Chi-Whisperer dog)

****A chi-whisper dog is a dog that needs that extra caring hand to help them get over the fears and habits that they developed due to being in one of the following:
Coming from a puppy mill
Coming from a bad back yard breeder
Coming from a hoarding situation
Coming from a an abusive situation
These are great dogs that just need that extra attention from people who have that special gift with animals

Skippy runs around like a rabbit so should probably be named Bugs. He is very fast. Until he came into foster care he lived in a backyard with little human contact. He is coming along pretty good on potty training. Very smart boy. Skip loves to play and becomes protective of his humans. He is not ready to be around children so will need an adult only home. He wants affection but it seems like it is all new to him so he does get nervous. Skip likes to sit on his foster mom's lap and have his back scratched but if she goes to give him a big hug he stiffens up as if he fears something. Skip will need a patient owner while he works through trust issues. He thrives on limits so will need someone who can set and enforce limits.

Please email (click here -->) Barb (at for information

Hello All!

My name is Theia. You may think that's an odd name for a dog but I was named after Theia, the Greek Goddess of Sight. The reason it's so fitting for me is because I have no sight - I am totally blind with no eyes.

Please do not feel bad for me though. My sight loss is not from any harm or ill-will from anyone. My FM (foster Mom) was told by the vet that I was born with a misformed (mis-shaped) skull. It's not a hinderance to me but it did cause my eye sockets to form irregularly which in turn, caused my eyes not to form to full size.

I thought I was ok because I was getting around & not running into too much stuff at my FM's house - it's possible I saw shadows or blurry shapes. I went back in for my spaying & dental work and on closer inspection, the vet saw infections starting & decided that both my eyes had to come out...bummer. It took about a week after my surgery for me to get the layout of my FM's house again but once I did - LOOKOUT!!

I get around very well now & unless someone told you, you probably wouldn't know I could not see.

I rely solely on my sniffer & my hearing and if anything is "off", I will let you know.

Msg from FM Anita - Since Theia relies heavily on scent and sound, if someone new comes to visit your house, Theia will go into a bit of attack mode. This should not be normal behavior & we are working on her socialization with strangers. Because she has no sight, new situations or new people tend to become her enemy. She will bite without warning & much caution needs to be given so she can warm up to her surroundings or the new person. She was previously in a home with children & was very nervous & snapped on several occasions as well. If interested in adopting her, it would be best she go to a home without other pets, small children or too many adults as all these situations can put her on overload. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Please email
for information on how to adopt Theia.

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