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Adoption Policy and Fees

Our Adoption Policy at AZCR requires all potential adopters to complete an application and interview with an Adoption Coordinator in order to be considered as a forever home for our dogs. We only adopt to Arizona residents. AZCR will determine the best home for each dog based on the application process and interview. The application and/or interview does not guarantee an approval. It also does not guarantee the adoption of a particular dog you may be interested in. AZCR may recommend a different dog more suitable to your household. AZCR is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and standards.


Why do you charge to adopt a rescue dog?

When AZ Chihuahua Rescue (AZCR) takes in a dog, we incur some veterinary costs. Sometimes, the cost is minimal. However, there are several dogs we have taken in with significant medical needs. In some cases, we may take in more money on one dog which will help offset the higher medical expenses on another dog. (See our "featured chihuahua" link to read about one of our medical needs dogs.) Reality is that in many cases, without additional donations from the public and our volunteers, we still would not be able to cover some of the medical expenses AZCR has incurred.

What is the fee to adopt a rescue dog from AZCR?

Puppies (fosters under a yr): $300

1 - 4 yrs: adoption fee of $200

5 - 8 yrs: adoption fee of $175

9 - 11 yrs: $150

12 yrs and older: $100

*Chi-whisperer dog......$150

*Chi-whisperer Corner* for the person with that special gift to help abused and breeder environment dogs that need that little extra care.

2nd dog discount: 10% off second dog-applies to dog with the lower fee

Military - Vet discount: 10% off with proof of service

Senior discount: 10% discount for adopters age 60 and over

Special needs discount: 10% discount for special needs dogs

10% maximum discount per dog - only one discount per dog allowed

What medical expenses does AZCR have?

Most rescue dogs have not been altered or vaccinated. In most cases we need to spay/neuter and vaccinate each dog. Vaccinations include Rabies, and DHPP. In many cases we also have to have some teeth extracted. Small breed dogs can have bad teeth if not properly cared for. In some cases we have also taken in dogs that have been hit by cars, abused and/or have some kind of treatable skin disease just to name a few.

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